31 December 2009

New Year Well Wishes and Audition Info :)

It's 2010 (or at least it is where I went to college), and so I am taking a moment to extend best wishes to all of us Black Tornado Theater folks, both those still a part and those for whom we are but fond memory :).

I also am caving to the pressure of a pushy froshperson and putting up some info about South Pacific Auditions.

What you will NEED:
  • prepared music with taped or live accompanist. The song can be of your choosing BUT it should demonstrate your abilities in a theatrical context, not simply be a stand n belt. Please look for music that was written for the theatrical stage, rather than a pop hit.
  • prepared monologue of at least 1.5 minutes duration.
Initial audition will include performances of both prepared pieces, as well as possibly taking some additonal direction and reperforming either or both again.

There MAY be a call back for particular characters, if warranted

There will be a separate group audition to look at dance. A short piece (96 counts, give or take, I would expect) will be taught, then performed several times.

The dates are not set, yet, but expect them to be within a week of Feb 1, which (if you're paying close attention) also puts them either just before or immediately after Regionals.

20 December 2009

Work Parties [updated]

We have two dressing rooms to clean, we have a fly gallery to empty and arbor to rebalance, and generally a lot of cleaning to do before 2010. We also need to redistribute the items in need of storage for the upcoming Winter Arts Festival.

I will be in the building for TWO sessions:
Monday 12/21, from 11:00am to about 1 or 2pm
Monday 12/28, from 2:30 to 5:30pm

If you need production support hours, these would be good times!!

[update] ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
So far, all the people who are trying to get to this thing are in no need of any PS hours. If you don't need them, don't sweat it. I am not expecting you to show up for 3 PS hours when you need 20 for the year and have 84. Meanwhile, if you don't have any...

16 December 2009

Curious Savage Cast (plans have changed a bit)

Make sure that you read your script once over the break, twice if possible, and make a list of every prop that your character interacts with.
(Tell Everyone in the cast to read this, or just spread the word on what i've instructed you to do.)
Here is the schedule for the first week back from school.

Tuesday 01/05/10- Read through 4-6
Wednesday 01/06/10- Character Development 4-6
Thursday 01/07/10- Character Development+cast bonding(There is going to be a lot of this so that "the guests" operate as a family because that needs to be evident as soon as the curtain opens) 4-6
There Will be No rehearsal on friday.

14 December 2009

Orsino is all shook up about Olivia.

Toby Belch got into a fight with the wrong twin.