19 November 2009

Homework Pending for Theater Classes

Script Markups
Verse/Prose, Stress, Syllables, etc... Motivation, Conflict, Status, and changes in each...

Intro should have already completed pgs 23-25 (Olivia & Viola). NEXT UP, pgs 34-37 from Malvolio's exit to the end of the scene.

Advanced needs to have completed mark up of Comedy of Errors, Act I, scene ii by the end of the weekend. NEXT UP, Act III, scene i.

Intro - Olivias and Violas from p 23-25 for MONDAY
Advanced - Antipholus & Dromio (both of Syracuse), p32-35 (from entrance to exit of Dromio)


Anonymous said...

This is all fine and dandy, but are we gonna get a schedule posted for nest week and is there a build this saturday?

Carsen Hendrix said...

Hey, You wanted an all female show for next year right? Well the stage version of Steel Magnolia's is an all women's cast, but there's only 6 characters on stage, and there's a radio announcer person too. Just think about it.

Anonymous said...

you are making me rage. slightly.

Rachel Warren said...

When is the advanced stuff due?