24 October 2009

Writing Prompts, by popular demand

For Advanced - write about Jurors #3 & #8 plus #5 or #9 plus whichever juror you actually 'played'.

What are their goals / objectives? Who are their allies? Are those allies aligned with them on the question itself or process? In the case of jurors other than #3 7 #8, when and why do they shift on either the question or process.

For extra Credit in lieu of 1 Production support hour: Expand this same set of prompts to apply to the entire jury, with finished product approximately 1 paragraph per juror.

Fantasticks prompt: Address what changes were needed and actually took place between the initial performances and the second round. Use examples from the groups you were in and at least one additional group.


Anonymous said...

Fantasticks prompt?

Anonymous said...

yeah... I needed the fantasticks one more than the 12 angry jurors one... so.. that would be helpful.