21 October 2009

Twelfth Night - Rehearsals, Weeks 1 & 2

W 10/21 - 4:15p - Viola(s), Sebastian (FA4)
R 10/22 - 4:15p - Maria, Toby, Andrew; 5:15p - Malvolio, Fabian, Feste (FA3)
F 10/23 - 5:15p - Antonio, Sebastian; CHANGE 6:15p - Viola, Olivia, Orsino (FA3)
Sa 10/24 - Off
Su 10/25 - Off
M 10/26 - 4:15p Act I line work, multiple spaces
T 10/27 - 4:15p Act II line work, multiple spaces
W 10/28 - 4:15p Act III line work, multiple spaces
R 10/29 - 4:15p Act IV line work, multiple spaces
F 10/30 - 4:15p Act V line work, multiple spaces
Sa 10/31 -
Su 11/01 -

Additionally: Off Book Deadline is pushed to 11/09 from 11/02, much to the relief of all concerned, I expect...
Additionally, also: 4:15 is the START WORKING time, not the begin to arrive time. Please keep that in mind, too. Srysly.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Doty!

Anonymous said...

When are we going to know our Era/Setting?

AHHH! my verification word is 'moonshoes'

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, not all of us inherited enough money to buy out NASA when our parents died!

Anonymous said...

hey, doty, when do you want your Mute to start bringing her instrument(s)

Anonymous said...

Hey, if we have rehearsals on saturday (the 7th) I won't be able to make it unless it's after like 4:30.