05 October 2009

The TV Shows We Like...

was a doozy tonight. Still have DVRed House MD to watch tomorrow night.
For the rest of the evening, we still have our Joss Whedon alum, Nathan Fillion in Castle and Adam Chimeo's pop culture reference from Comic vs Fiction, Dancing with the Stars.

Still to come this week, former Whedon affiliates on How I Met Your Mother, and of course his current project, Dollhouse, not only has Buffy and Angel almuni, but also has more Battlestar refugees coming online over the next weeks.

Why do we care about TV? It's the best place to see actors working with enough regularity to get a sense of where they're at, craftwise. Particularly if they are on shows with solid writing and have characters with depth and nuance


Anonymous said...

hey, tv is cool
but I have something near and dear to my heart I need to talk to you about on tuesday. so
keep lunch open?


John said...

Will do, Cassie!