24 October 2009

Writing Prompts, by popular demand

For Advanced - write about Jurors #3 & #8 plus #5 or #9 plus whichever juror you actually 'played'.

What are their goals / objectives? Who are their allies? Are those allies aligned with them on the question itself or process? In the case of jurors other than #3 7 #8, when and why do they shift on either the question or process.

For extra Credit in lieu of 1 Production support hour: Expand this same set of prompts to apply to the entire jury, with finished product approximately 1 paragraph per juror.

Fantasticks prompt: Address what changes were needed and actually took place between the initial performances and the second round. Use examples from the groups you were in and at least one additional group.

21 October 2009

Twelfth Night - Rehearsals, Weeks 1 & 2

W 10/21 - 4:15p - Viola(s), Sebastian (FA4)
R 10/22 - 4:15p - Maria, Toby, Andrew; 5:15p - Malvolio, Fabian, Feste (FA3)
F 10/23 - 5:15p - Antonio, Sebastian; CHANGE 6:15p - Viola, Olivia, Orsino (FA3)
Sa 10/24 - Off
Su 10/25 - Off
M 10/26 - 4:15p Act I line work, multiple spaces
T 10/27 - 4:15p Act II line work, multiple spaces
W 10/28 - 4:15p Act III line work, multiple spaces
R 10/29 - 4:15p Act IV line work, multiple spaces
F 10/30 - 4:15p Act V line work, multiple spaces
Sa 10/31 -
Su 11/01 -

Additionally: Off Book Deadline is pushed to 11/09 from 11/02, much to the relief of all concerned, I expect...
Additionally, also: 4:15 is the START WORKING time, not the begin to arrive time. Please keep that in mind, too. Srysly.

20 October 2009


Note this NOW.

Because of the tight schedule of our final week, the All Day Tech rehearsal will take place on
MONDAY, November 30 beginning at 10am, running until 3pm, breaking til 5pm, then resuming until 9:30pm.

This is a CUT DAY on the tail end of Thanksgiving Break. Please try to get back into town in time to join us. I know we have one conflict with out of state air travel. I hope to minimize how many people we are missing.

18 October 2009

Cast - Twelfth Night, winter 2009

The official posting will be the hard copy in the lobby of the LT, and that cast list is the one you must initial to accept the role. Scripts will be available immediately Monday AM, though they will not have complete line cuts until late next week. We still may be adding additional cast, specifically musicians, so put the word out to your musical friends. If you play an instrument or sing, expect to have those skills utilized.
Viola......Isabelle Schuler*
...Jordan Wright**
...Dylan Gutridge
Olivia......Kelsey Garrett
Sebastian......Blake Muir
...Liberty Parnell
Sir Toby...
...Jared Gutridge
Sir Andrew...
...Chris Boutin
Malvolio......James Lancaster
Feste......Sa'Rina Roth
Fabiana......Sandra Schaefer
Antonio......Dillon Kline
including Officers, Retainers,
Musicians, Lords, Sailors,
and other Attendants
(including Curio, Valentine, Captain,
1st and 2nd Officers, Priest, etc...)
Joe Gallagher
Carsen Hendrix
Celia Johnson
Tabitha Lambert
Willie Sloan
Suzann Stevens

*Dec 11 & 12, **Dec 15, 16, 17

Read Thru Monday 10/19, 4:15 pm. Regular Rehearsals begin immediately (schedule will be posted on Call Board in LT). Rehearsals will generally be from 4:15 to 6pm. Anticipate some rehearsal work on Saturdays. This Wednesday (10/21) will be off while I have my First Aid training. Anticipate character-related 'homework' in lieu of Wednesday rehearsal.

ALL CONFLICTS must be communicated two weeks in advance.

Understudies may promote if there are problems with SCHEDULING or OFF BOOK

PRODUCTION DATES Dec 11, 12, 15, 16, 17 - all shows at 7pm


10 October 2009

Auditions, Twelfth Night

YES, they really are on Monday, when there is no school... And then again on Tues, possibly running late to accommodate whoever needs to go on Tues cuz they couldn't get to Monday.

People who do NOT come in with a selection that demonstrates ability (or lack of it) with Shakespeare's language or verse will likely be asked to cold read something by the Bard.

Keep Friday from 4 to 6 open for callbacks and then get to the Black n Blue game!

05 October 2009

The TV Shows We Like...

was a doozy tonight. Still have DVRed House MD to watch tomorrow night.
For the rest of the evening, we still have our Joss Whedon alum, Nathan Fillion in Castle and Adam Chimeo's pop culture reference from Comic vs Fiction, Dancing with the Stars.

Still to come this week, former Whedon affiliates on How I Met Your Mother, and of course his current project, Dollhouse, not only has Buffy and Angel almuni, but also has more Battlestar refugees coming online over the next weeks.

Why do we care about TV? It's the best place to see actors working with enough regularity to get a sense of where they're at, craftwise. Particularly if they are on shows with solid writing and have characters with depth and nuance