24 September 2009

Kindly Leave the Stage (KLtS) Casting

The Casting information for Kindly Leave the Stage will post tomorrow AM in the LT lobby. For the CRAZIES out there, Dylan will have posting rights on the blog later tonight and might put it up here... It may also possibly appear on a social networking site, as well, but I don't know about those...

06 September 2009

TAaM - remainder of run [UPDATED 9/20]

Mon 09/07- 6:30 to 8:30
Tue 09/08 thru Fri 09/11 - 4 to 6
Sat 09/12 12n to 3p, break, 5pm to finished
Sun 09/13 off
Mon 09/14 5pm to finished
Tue 09/15 5pm call, 7pm start DRESS
Wed 09/16 5pm call, 7pm start DRESS
Thu 09/17 5pm call, 7pm curtain OPENING NIGHT
Fri 09/18 4pm Speed Thru with UNDERSTUDIES
Sat 09/19 11am call, 1pm curtain; 5pm call, 7pm curtain
Sun 09/20 & Mon 09/21 OFF [UPDATE for Monday: Guys MUST come clean dressing room... I am suggesting from 2 until 3pm. I will entertain other suggestions, but it MUST be done on Monday]
Tue 09/22 4pm Speed Thru
Wed 09/23 5pm call, 7pm start DRESS
Thu 09/24 5pm call, 7pm curtain
Fri 09/25 5pm call, 7pm curtain
Sat 09/26 5pm call, 7pm curtain

04 September 2009

Slow Migration to the official NMHS Page is underway. You will note the Black Tornado Theater link now on the front page. So far, it just includes current season and a link to production history. I will work to put up some external links (ISF, OCPA,Crate, OCT, OTS, ITS) and and RSS Feed of THIS site's post headlines.