21 August 2009

TAaM - Week of Aug 24

These sessions are in H2 (Peugh's)

Aug 24, 10am Act I complete (understudy as Dru)
Aug 25, 10am Act II complete (understudies as Dru and Henrietta)
Aug 26, 10am Act III complete (understudy as Dru)
Aug 27, 10am Act III plus pickups from I
Aug 28, 10am Act III plus pickups from II <-- Yes, Friday

All sessions will run until 1pm

All cast and staff please attend all sessions. Staff will be running line work from other scenes, understudy work, etc in alternate spaces throughout the time. The schedule reflects what will be happening in the main space with me.

No scripts in hand, plz :)

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Lola said...

gayy @ friday