13 August 2009

TAaM - Week of Aug 17

Aug 17, 10am Act I, scene ii; 11:30am Act II
Aug 18, 10am Act I, scene ii; 11:30am Act II
Aug 19, 10am Fights (Steve, Kim, Kay); 11am Act III
Aug 20, 10am Act I, scene i; 11:30am Act III

All sessions will run until 1pm

All cast and staff please attend all sessions. Staff will be running line work from other scenes, understudy work, etc in alternate spaces throughout the time. The schedule reflects what will be happening in the main space with me.

I hope to arrange ONE DAY during this week where they will allow us an escort to the LT and we can clear the stage so it is EMPTY ready for Aug 31 building. As I learn more, I will post.

PLEASE MAKE SURE BRANDEN HAS YOUR PHONE NUMBERS, and that you have him, Jordan W and myself in your phones. Calls or Text Messaging are perfectly fine for getting in touch about schedule issues and days you will not be there.

See ya!

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