05 August 2009

TAaM - Week of Aug 10

Aug 10, 10am Act I, scene ii; 11:30am Act II
Aug 11, 10am Act I, scene ii; 11:30am Act II
Aug 12, 10am Fight (Steve, Kim, Kay); 11am Act III
Aug 13, 10am Act I, scene i; 11:30am Act III

All sessions will run until 1pm

Staff expected at ALL
Understudies Expected anytime the principal is called
Blocking is primary undertaking here, but there will be some other work.

See ya!


Anonymous said...

I have a DMV appointment at around 10 on the 10th, so I doubt I can make it.

also, I don't know if I want to be Italian or Irish. Elvira wasn't a celt goddess.


- Queen Elvira

Anonymous said...

I think Irish is better, is sounds more Merrygold-y... Merrygold doesn't sound italian to me...

Anonymous said...

Merrygold doesn't have to be Italian or Irish. Elmira (oops not Elvira) is much more Italian.
Yet still Catholic..
and still mother to Mulligan.

See, she had a young irish sailor as a lover but he died. His name was Mull.
Mull- again... Mulligan. HA.

- HRH Duchess Cassandra

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, i LOVE it!! okay, so Italian?

-3x the old

Lola said...

so I'll be back at -least- by Saturday, so I'll be able to make it to next week's rehearsals, unless I am called Monday morning... I have a job interview!
well, I miss my thespians! (yes, tridotitops, even you)
see you all next week.