26 August 2009

TAaM -sickos :)

Several cast are sick - several more are out of town, so the combo isn't good for today. Tomorrow will happen and we'll figure out what we are doing when we all get there - meantime, take at least 90 minutes today looking over lines and maybe running your pages with a friend or family member on book.


Rachel Warren said...

I hope those who are sick get to feeling better soon and that the ones out of town (*cough* *cough* SHELBY *cough*) are having a good time and come home soon!
But, at the same time, I am kind of grateful that we don't have any rehearsal today because Jenny's leaving for college and it means a lot to me that I get to say goodbye when she actually leaves.
See you all tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Lola should probably look at this site before leaving for rehearsal.
Go me.

John said...

Or check her phone, since she got a text a little before nine.

Anonymous said...

Too bad her phone was broken. Otherwise she definitely would have checked it, believe me.

[p.s: my verification word is babiddle. how exciting!]

Anonymous said...

I have a ortho appointment in the morning. I may be a bit late, don't bite mine head off.

-HRH Cassandra

btw, do you think I could get the school to start calling me that?

John said...

minus the HRH part, your Excellency...

Anonymous said...


Cassandra Esq.?