15 August 2009

TAaM - Possible Schedule Adjustment

Hey all. I may be traveling to a Thursday funeral in upstate New York. I am looking into arrangements and may have to leave as early as Wednesday AM. Obviously we can't go w/o rehearsing during the time in question, but if we can get VIM or staff adult to supervise, Jordan W can run the scheduled scenes and the extra cast DON'T have to come and run lines in sep space... I will know more by midday tomorrow.


Rachel Warren said...

I'm so excited that we are doing "Twelfth Night!!!" Thank you, Mr. Doty!

Anonymous said...

Doty -
Satan has a birthday for herself on Wednesday, September 2nd. Could she not come to rehersal that day, por favor?

Anonymous said...

doty, please don't hate me..

Anonymous said...

HRH has a birthday on the 5th and will not be a happy camper unless crew and cast dress up as kitty cats on Friday.
Do not ask questions.

Also, Mrs Merrygold will spend appoximately half her performance time in braces and the other half free of those dreadful bands.

As an end note, Happy Birthday Satan!

That is all.