24 August 2009

New ROOM!!! Plus classes and Troupe stuff

Just kidding. We are in the same room as last year, it just has a different number now :) The old FA1 has been split into TWO classrooms, so they are now numbered FA1 and FA2, which means Choir/Orchestra (old FA2) is now FA3, Band is FA4, Ceramics FA5, Art FA6, Little Theater FA7, the 'new space' which will be partially ours and partially for music is FA8 and I presume the room above Band and Choir is now either FA9 or someone had an attack of logic and realized it was a second floor space and perhaps designated it FA 20 something. Anywho...

Also WE NEED STUDENTS. Low registration numbers for Advanced meant that dropped back down to one class section now (with like 35 (19 3rd 4th yr, 14 2nd yr, I think) students). Stagecraft is now block 2 (so not a place to dump freshmen in need of an elective) and as of now has 7 students. It might actually be productive.

One intro class has 15 - I'd like it to 20 or 22. I'd also like one or two 3rd/4th yr students in each Intro block as Academic Tutor / Peer Coaches. I'd like an Aide in Advanced.

I strongly encourage 3rd or 4th years who are thinking seriously about doing this beyond NMHS to consider Stagecraft. Additionally, if you plan to direct as a senior project (ever, not just this year), I am going to consider making a semester of stagecraft a requirement (eventually) OR having been an academic tutor / peer coach in an intro class OR maybe both... This year, I am simply strongly encouraging that :).

Competitions: This year the Thespian events will likely have a bit more of a price tag. We've been carrying some of the costs from the Drama ASB account and it is getting low :(. Our new Treasurer will be in charge of consolidating receipts and making sure our entry paperwork is in order and calculated correctly. She won't be handling money directly. I expect we won't be able to fully comp state entries this year, for example (that hit us for nearly $1000 last year).

One last note: The Thespian Troupe has bylaw/guideline thingies that require at least a minimal level of participation to maintain as an 'active' troupe member, which in turn is a qualification for being an officer. Minimal participation includes being in a class OR working on shows. Working on shows includes ANY of the jobs associated with a show that will earn a Thespian Point. If you are taking a class, you don't need to work on EVERY show. If you aren't, you technically do, even if it just means you usher to the tune of a full point (10 hours, roughly 4 performances worth). So, troupe members and officers, please make sure you have 'jobs' for each production this year, or get signed up in one of my classes, even as an aide.


Anonymous said...

DOTY! I can't sleep and I just popped in a random VHS which led to a great discovery! So I'm watching Annie (the more recent one) and thinking 'huhwoa?....like perfect male-female troupe ratio showcasing roles...big chorus...pretty darn entertaining...' Just something I thought about and thought you should consider since the spring musical is still up in the air :)

Anonymous said...


I'm sure parents won't mind the content

Anonymous said...

Whoa!! As treasurer, I NEVER signed up for that kind of responsibility!

jk. I'll live...but I won't be happy about it

James Tranch said...

stagecraft will be productive