11 July 2009


[UPDATE] Seems no matter how we slice it, we are gonna lose someone. SO. That being the case, we will read at 5pm on Thursday and wrap before 7:30pm. I'll see you all at Katy's (post directions, plz, Lola)

Well, the 3pm time is gonna take out both Jordan B. and Rachel S.

10am is OK for Rachel, and 5pm is out

5pm is OK for Jordan, and 10am is out <--THIS IS WHAT WE ARE GOING WITH!!!

So if Jordan (schedule) and Lola (hosting) are OK for 10am, that seems like the only time we can get everyone. If Jordan cannot do 10am, then (and this isn't personal Satan), Jordan is more pages than Henrietta and I'll say we do 5pm, though that gets us tight to my softball game and I will absolutely have to be out by 7:30.


Lola said...

Ten will work, I suppose. Don't know if I will be properly functioning, but oh well.

I'll ask Jordan about it if he doesn't post on here too.

Lola said...

Ooh, how fast I am!
Jordan starts at ten, so. Yeah.

Anonymous said...

so random question Doty...can i give you my conflict calendar on Thursday or do you still need that by tomoro?


John said...

Conflicts on Thurs will be fine

Lola said...

I live at 2815 Stonebrook.
most of you know where I live.

it's off either delta waters or ceder links.
if you come from ceder links, go through the stop sign, pass a circle on your left, then when you're at the circle on the right, there is a long driveway on your left. that's mine.

coming from delta waters, you go all the way passed leonard, then once there's a circle on your left, turn right into the driveway.

I hope I didn't totally fail there.

map quest it.

Anonymous said...

i might be a little late getting their cuz i am going to see all well that ends well at two that day but it is at five fo sho

Branden Todd

James said...

Way Way Way Way off topic but...i srsly need to no when building begins!!!


John said...

Since my living room project got a little more complicated, I expect building will begin middle of NEXT week (but nothing is firm yet). They aren't thrilled with us being on campus at all before 8/3

Anonymous said...

so is it at 10 or 5?

I don't have my phone so ... email or something

Lady Cassandra

John said...

5pm, LC