03 July 2009

Read Thru Options [UPDATED - 7/6]

We have some schedule conflicts with the 13th, so I will ask about the 15th and the 16th.

Please comment :)

UPDATE noted in comments - 16th: 10am, 3pm, or 5pm -- Pick your favorite :)


Anonymous said...

the 15th doesn't work for me but the 16th does. :)


Anonymous said...

It would be amazing if the 10th were open, I wish to get away from my father who wishes to take me fishing. I mean really.

If not, that's alright. I'll just cry as my father bashes a fishes head in right before my eyes.

- Cassandra Elaine Schaefer, Esq.

John said...

I Am sure we can find some OTHER conflict for you on the 10th... come on people, help Sandra find a 'must do' activity :)

Anonymous said...

fifteenth and sixteenth are both fine, and my parents have okayed holding it at my place, too.
that's still an option.

uhhh, cassandra elaine schaefer, esq, you totally promised me, like, months ago that you would um... come over and be lazy with me.. oh, no that's not a good excuse.

erm promised to help me work on the very important watering the sidewalk thing.
jeez, you totally forgot.

-lola danga apple fonzie dipper fonz III
[yeah, the third is new. ;D]

Carsen Hendrix said...

any of those dates work well for me John-John.

Cassandra.... Hrmmm... What if your garbage disposal exploded because of a nuclear meltdown in my pool and the FBI took you for questioning due to illegal Uranium devices. It's the most probable! haha no...

Why not just tell your father that you're having an (unofficial*cough*) read through of the script with soome of the cast? I'm sure there'd be a couple people who could come be all script-ready with you.

Rachel Warren said...

Contract Spattergroit, Sandra. That's the best way to do it.

Anonymous said...

woah, woah, woah. who gave you authority to call him john-john?
a little over zealous, don'tcha think?

Anonymous said...

Oh! Mr. Doty, on the 15th I have an Ortho appointment at 11:15am but that shouldn't take too long, he just wants to check my wisdom tooth situation. So after about noon i ought to be fine.

-Lil' Hendrix

John said...

It is looking very much like the 16th is best all way round. Speak up for the following preferences:
3pm start
5pm start
10am start

Anonymous said...

Aw, you guys are so thoughtful.
I will use all of your suggestions into one huge alibi of non-fishery!

So it happened like this: on the 4th, I went swimming in Grants pool. Unluckily, Grant had contracted Spattergroit unknowingly. I was thus infected and the following day, on seeing Lola I gave her the illness as well via her chapstick. That night, I started getting quesy and spat up a bit in my sick. The Spattergroit spit-up combined with some odd bacteria in our sink and three days later (today) our sink became a nuclear bomb and exploded infecting everyone in the cast, oddly enough, with more Spattergroit because only Thespians can catch it. Symptoms of the disease involve laziness and so the whole cast decided to have a readthrough and be lazy... today.

I'm sure he will believe every word :]

Cassandra E. Schaefer, Esq.

Lola said...

I say a three pm start.
because that's after I get up, and before dinner.

[especially cause you DID use my chapstick... should I get checked out?]

Anonymous said...

I won't have my work schedule until the tuesday before that so as far as i know i might be working but ten a.m. or three p.m. would be best for me.

-Jordan B.

Lil' Hendrix said...

3pm start sounds wonderful to me, i'll have time to run and write beforehand, so that'll be wonderful.

Sandra, i LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

yeah that works for me at Lola's house at 3 on on the 16th correct
do i need to bring any thing

-Branden Todd-

Anonymous said...

just your sexiness, branden, of course.

Lola said...

Jordan would like me to relay the fact that he works til five on the sixteenth, meaning of course he would like it to start then instead of three.

Anonymous said...

I would most prefer the 10 am start...sorry to be a buzz kill guys. I have a mandatory shindig at 5:30 in Central Point D= and shtuffs to do that afternoon.


Anonymous said...


Can I come and get my script today, or will you not be home?

aaalso, the 16th works for me, at any time.


Anonymous said...

what is the official start time
you don't have to worry my sexiness is always with me

Anonymous said...

Branden has sexy?
No, you must be mistaken. He has awkward and boob-touching fetishes, neither of which are sexy.

Sorry Handsy!