21 July 2009

Is this Thespis? [Updated]


I think it may be... contacting the poster today.

[Update] Turns out the answer is "no" - the facial markings are very different. Which makes the above cat still missing since November and that makes me sad.


John said...

the top lip (1/2 got milk) doesn't look right... can't really see tail tip in this pic...

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, what a crazy random happenstance!

I got a new kitten today!

His name is Theodotos Lou Maverick Salvador.

Anonymous said...

lol you have doty! hold him up to the picture and compare. lol
it does look a lot like him though?

Anonymous said...

Aww... poor kitty


Anonymous said...

Mrs Merrygold should carry Thespis in her purse.

or just offstage...

also, a possibility I may be going to Seattle for a bit. don't know when so.. deal with it?