10 July 2009

Christmas Carol Quandry

So apparently, a Robert Zemeckis-directed Jim Carrey vehicle is releasing on Nov 6, with Gary Oldman, Colin Firth, Robin Wright Penn, Cary Elwes...


3d IMAX animated MAJOR marketing push, etc...

So.. Do we still do it?


Anonymous said...


we shouldn't do it.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

No, we shouldn't do it because it will look as though we're using the Jim Carrey version as an advertisement push for our show and we would end up with an audience more pathetic than Lear.

-Jordan B.

And guys remaining anonymous in this situation doesn't help because we really need to find out who wants what to happen w/ the production because we have a short time to decide what to do before the school prints calendars saying we're doing this show when we might not be doing it. so, could you take this seriously and spread the word to the troupe so everyone knows to comment. thanks.

Lola said...

Jordan, people EXPECT us to try and push our advertisements. The only thing I'd be worried about it people seeing that, then our play later and saying it was shit compared to it.
(That's not a diss on us, that's just how people work.)

I don't believe I wanted to do it in the first place, though, so I'm not the person to talk to.

John said...

Pushing adverts is different form tailgating on the heels of the same text. We've already gone down this road once with Seussical. It blows. It's also why talk of Sweeney Todd was completely off the table.

Two options are immediately lurking:

1) people turned off by the film version (the people mom saw the preview with were older and to a person turned off by the trailer).
In this case, the traditionalists come to us instead. (remember what Mr Carrey did to a certain beloved Christmas story a few years ago)

the downside of this is
1a) people burn out on the story because they all go to the movie and it isn't particularly good. And then people don't want to see it again.

2) there is a musical version that was done on TV and broadway about 5 years ago.

Which gives us some wiggle room.

Anonymous said...

Well what musical are we doing this year?
If we do something really bubbly, we wouldn't want to do a happy-go-lucky show before that, and I'm not sure if Christmas Carol is happy or not. It's just a weird show.

We could always to Wit HINT HINT to
A. conserve construction cost for the musical and gain some more moneyzzz
B. use it as a fresh, dramatic base for a happy musical. Also it kicks cancer's pretentious ass

H.R.H. Duchess Cassandra

Anonymous said...

Meh. I'm leaning towards saying against doing the show. Unfortunate though it may be, I'm sure we could pull something else together and come off original.

Then again, as Doty mentioned the musical version could spur more interest..?

Meh. Leaning towards no on this one.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to lean towards a no on this. No on the Christmas Carol play. a Musical version however could be fun.

What musicals were you thinkin of doing this year?


Anonymous said...


Rachel Warren said...

I'm thinking no. It'll look a lot like we're doing it because of the movie being released. It may discourage some portion of the audience from coming to Black Tornado Theater Productions in the future.
-Rachel Warren-

P.S. I really love the idea of North kids on stage doing "Muppet Christmas Carol." That kind of makes me laugh in a really happy way :D

SQUARSEN said...

OOOH! we should totally do it! oh my goodness, muppet christmas carol would be so freaking awesome!!!!


Anonymous said...


Mabe we should do A Christmas Carol. I vote yes

It would show the parents and kids that come to see our plays, that despite knowing what is going down in the cinema, we are willing to take the risk.

The outcome depends on the kids who are casted and the motivation put forth into making this production impressive.

if we mess up, well we mess up. a failure wouldnt impact our audience as much, because most who show up are parents, siblings, & friends.

If we put forth our best, and make it worth the time and money, good will come out of it.

so what if were not Jim Carrey or Gary Oldman. Were dedicated. we make things work. its the Broud theatre. not the "lets give up cause Carrey makes another multi million dollar movie" theatre.

think about it- thats my 2 cents.

Anna. or... Miss Weathers.

Anonymous said...

i say we should. people are going to be obsessed with it because of the movie and that would make them what to go see it live.

or at least that is what i think.

Nate D.

Willie said...

I agree with Anna! and Nate. we should try it. i think it will be GREAT!