27 July 2009

TAaM - Rehearsals - ONE WEEK from TODAY [3x UPDATE - safety+where?]

With the temps being ugly high by midday, I am inclined to rehearse from 10am to noon or 1pm, depending on what is slated for the day. Please comment if that would NOT work for you. I also need conflicts in comment or email for future scheduling (like when you're off camping) Otherwise, plan on the following:

M0 8/3 - 10am Dru & Kim - table; 11am Rosie, Steve, Kay - table; 12n Cops - table; END 1pm
Tu 8/4 - 10am Kim & Steve - fight; 11am Biddle, Merrygold, Henrietta - table; END 12n
We 8/5 - 10am Dru & Kay - table; 11am FULL CAST 'bonding'; END 1pm
Th 8/6 - 10am Kim & Steve - fight; 11am Kim & Dru scenes alone (I.ii mostly); END 12n
Fr 8/7 - OFF - Doty in SF
Sa 8/8 - OFF - Doty in SF
Su 8/9 - Materials purchase (Set) - early evening. Unload crew available?

[UPDATE #3] Per Mr. Beick, this first week will shift to the H Building Rm TBA (Anyone know an H Building teacher friendly to the theater? *cough*) and all parking must be near the CDC and TA spaces on the south end of campus. Since it is table work, for the most part, it will be fine... If we end up in that same space the SECOND week, we will have to adjust some for blocking.

[Update] All activity at the Little Theater unless otherwise noted.

SM, AD, & Understudies should attend calls for characters, too, please.

[Update #2] I will be on campus on Tues and Weds of this week to get the stage space ready to work. I expect to be in the building again from 10am to 1pm. Feel free to drop by, but be mindful of the construction dangers.

21 July 2009

Is this Thespis? [Updated]


I think it may be... contacting the poster today.

[Update] Turns out the answer is "no" - the facial markings are very different. Which makes the above cat still missing since November and that makes me sad.

16 July 2009

Happy Anniversary, Dr. Horrible

Doctor Horrible's Sing-along Blog launched a year ago (July 15) and this morning, they got an Emmy nomination!!

creator Joss Whedon reacts:


11 July 2009


[UPDATE] Seems no matter how we slice it, we are gonna lose someone. SO. That being the case, we will read at 5pm on Thursday and wrap before 7:30pm. I'll see you all at Katy's (post directions, plz, Lola)

Well, the 3pm time is gonna take out both Jordan B. and Rachel S.

10am is OK for Rachel, and 5pm is out

5pm is OK for Jordan, and 10am is out <--THIS IS WHAT WE ARE GOING WITH!!!

So if Jordan (schedule) and Lola (hosting) are OK for 10am, that seems like the only time we can get everyone. If Jordan cannot do 10am, then (and this isn't personal Satan), Jordan is more pages than Henrietta and I'll say we do 5pm, though that gets us tight to my softball game and I will absolutely have to be out by 7:30.

10 July 2009

Christmas Carol Quandry

So apparently, a Robert Zemeckis-directed Jim Carrey vehicle is releasing on Nov 6, with Gary Oldman, Colin Firth, Robin Wright Penn, Cary Elwes...


3d IMAX animated MAJOR marketing push, etc...

So.. Do we still do it?

03 July 2009

Read Thru Options [UPDATED - 7/6]

We have some schedule conflicts with the 13th, so I will ask about the 15th and the 16th.

Please comment :)

UPDATE noted in comments - 16th: 10am, 3pm, or 5pm -- Pick your favorite :)

02 July 2009

Script Distribution

Lola picked up for herself and Jordan B.
Shelby picked up for herself and James.
I am taking Rachel W and Carsten's to softball tonight.

that is 6 of 12. Chime in folks :)