04 June 2009

Staff - There's Always a Murder [UPDATED]

The 2009 Summer Workshop show, Ken Parker's There's Always a Murder, is looking for a publicity coordinator, costume coordinator, and a set dresser. If you are interested, please comment in this post.

Staff already in place:
Director (and likely set and lights): John Doty
Stage Manager: Branden Todd
Asst Director: Jordan Wright
Props Coordinator: Isabelle Schuler

Two backstage running crew jobs will be filled by the understudies and ensemble players when they are distant from their own on-stage time.

Casting will post tonight very close to midnight as soon as I get home from Softball (just around 10pm).

[Further Update] The talent pool to role ratios were 2:1 for guys and 3:1 for girls, so there some talented people NOT on the cast list. If you are interested in feedback relative to your audition, let me know. I am preparing Regional style score sheets that will give you an idea of where your effort was strong and where it may need improvement. They should be ready by the middle of next week, if you are interested.

On a semi related note, the auditions ALSO were a screen to bypass Intro to Theater, if one so chose. Jared Gutridge, Rachel Warren, and Carsen Hendrix may, if they wish, enroll in Advanced without taking Intro first. They needn't however, and I would encourage the freshmen to give Intro a chance. My hope is that the schedulers will show us some mercy and not put uninterested people into Intro this year. If that isn't the case... well, you have earned an escape path by virtue of the preparation demonstrated on Monday & Tuesday.


Little Warren said...

That's after my bedtime, Doty. Can you post sooner so I don't look like a zombie for my last day of school?

Anonymous said...

yeahh, john-john. why so late? D:

Anonymous said...

yeah dude that's past my bedtime aussi.....i like looking good EVERY DAY!!!!!!
-Lily Lee

Anonymous said...

OMG YAY!! u better not 'forget', cause i'm stayin up! can't blame me if i fall asleep in class tomorrow.

ps- one day, i'll be ur costume person! i just need to learn to sew first... :) mwahahaha


Mother Russia said...

Just curious, why at midnight Monsieur?

icanhazLOLA? said...

YES. so i'll come home from music man and they better be up, sirree.

Little Warren said...

If your game is cancelled due to this lovely rain, will you post sooner?

Little Warren said...

Nevermind. It's not cancelled.

John said...

Yet... and yes, if it is, I will post earlier

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Jared, Rachel, and Carsen. ^_^ Figures they're the ones to earn an exemption from intro; Gutridge, Warren, Hendrix..

Softball in the rain, fo sho. *facepalm*


Anonymous said...

congrats jared, rachel, and carsen!!!


p.s- and i'd be interested in one of those score sheets... :D

Rachel Warren said...

Congratulations, Jared and Carsen!
I would love to do Advanced, thanks heaps!
-Rachel Warren-

Little Hendrix said...

Congrats Jared and RACHEl-RACHEL!! Thanks, I'm interested in one of those lovely score sheets as well.