15 June 2009

No skryps yet, srysly

Hoep evrywun iz havin gud summertimez

Also, lolcatitis is really bad. A cure has been dispatched and will infect all your keyboards. That and I will smite you all. There will be no cheezburgers and I will take away all your bukits.

And no noms for anyone. Ever.

Moving on.


Anonymous said...

Mr.Doty i would like it if you only use the website for important information about the play and or an activity for theater not for trolling your theater students

-Branden Todd-

p.s i can has cheeseburger every day

Lil Jon said...

You gotta do the cooking by the book.

Anonymous said...

Finally.. A cure for the accursed lolcats. Thank you, Mr. Doty.

i meen srsly ppl lyk wtf iz dis??


Anonymous said...

What is this? Blogger does not accept HTML or IMG code?! What is the world coming to...