22 June 2009

The Saga of the Scripts [UPDATE 6/30] + Read Thru

So, they shipped out from LA on Jun 3, via USPS Priority Mail. Allegedly, they arrived at North before we left... BUT they aren't anywhere to be found.

Now the USPS stopped delivering for a couple of days as the A Building was shut down. Nothing has arrived since they resumed, so the presumption is the scripts arrived and were packed away with the A Building stuff... and so might be found as school starts.

So I have ordered a second set, and because of my travel plans, I have had them shipped to Mr. Warren's. They should arrive next week. Rachel, being the good cast member she is, will post here in comments when they arrive.
(Warren's when the second set of scripts arrive, just let me know and hold on to them)

THE SCRIPTS ARE HERE. They were sent to the District Office. Thanks USPS. Mr Beick found them there today. YAY MR. BEICK!!

If you want one, contact me via Text, Comment, or Phone. I will be at Soccer tonight from 7:45 and at Softball on Thu from 5:15. Otherwise, I'll be home and am able to deliver within reason. Cast members who see each other regularly should coordinate getting all the copies to one of you, for example.

The 12 copies need to go to the 10 cast and two understudies. The Production team script is currently in Jordan W's possession and that is the text we will use to make the Front of House and Backstage production/prompt books from, as well as the director text. Information on line cuts will be made by middle of July (so you needn't worry about learning some lines, perhaps).

READ THRU update!! How do people feel about July 13 (Monday) at ... 7pm? ... at ... some place with AC and comfy chairs? (ie: who would like to host?)

15 June 2009

No skryps yet, srysly

Hoep evrywun iz havin gud summertimez

Also, lolcatitis is really bad. A cure has been dispatched and will infect all your keyboards. That and I will smite you all. There will be no cheezburgers and I will take away all your bukits.

And no noms for anyone. Ever.

Moving on.

04 June 2009

Cast - There's Always a Murder

accept roles either by initialing the posted copy on the call board or commenting here

Cast (in order of Appearance)
Steve Haywood......Jared Gutridge
Rosalind (Rosie)......Sa'Rina Roth
Drucilla (Dru) Taylor......Shelby Collinsworth
Kim Taylor......Dylan Gutridge
Mrs. Biddle (understudy Kay)...
...Katy Young
Katherine (Kay) Horton......Rachel Warren
Mrs. Merrygold (understudy Rosie)......Sandra Schaefer
Henrietta (understudy Dru)......Rachel Sinner
Det. Mulligan (understudy Steve)......James Lancaster
Inspector O'Reilly (understudy Kim)......Jordan Buttolph
Understudy (Older Women)/Crew......Carsen Hendrix
Understudy (Policemen)/Crew......Jacob Parker

Read Thru TBA, Early July. Regular Rehearsals begin MONDAY, AUG 3
Schedules will post on website (www.johndoty.us/nmdrama) two weeks in advance
ALL CONFLICTS must be communicated prior July 13.

Understudies may promote if there are problems with SCHEDULING or OFF BOOK

PRODUCTION DATES Sep 17 e, 19 m & e, 25 e, 26 e
Sep 19 Matinee MAY use understudies

Watch the website for announcements about script availability (likely before the end of NEXT WEEK)



Staff - There's Always a Murder [UPDATED]

The 2009 Summer Workshop show, Ken Parker's There's Always a Murder, is looking for a publicity coordinator, costume coordinator, and a set dresser. If you are interested, please comment in this post.

Staff already in place:
Director (and likely set and lights): John Doty
Stage Manager: Branden Todd
Asst Director: Jordan Wright
Props Coordinator: Isabelle Schuler

Two backstage running crew jobs will be filled by the understudies and ensemble players when they are distant from their own on-stage time.

Casting will post tonight very close to midnight as soon as I get home from Softball (just around 10pm).

[Further Update] The talent pool to role ratios were 2:1 for guys and 3:1 for girls, so there some talented people NOT on the cast list. If you are interested in feedback relative to your audition, let me know. I am preparing Regional style score sheets that will give you an idea of where your effort was strong and where it may need improvement. They should be ready by the middle of next week, if you are interested.

On a semi related note, the auditions ALSO were a screen to bypass Intro to Theater, if one so chose. Jared Gutridge, Rachel Warren, and Carsen Hendrix may, if they wish, enroll in Advanced without taking Intro first. They needn't however, and I would encourage the freshmen to give Intro a chance. My hope is that the schedulers will show us some mercy and not put uninterested people into Intro this year. If that isn't the case... well, you have earned an escape path by virtue of the preparation demonstrated on Monday & Tuesday.