11 May 2009

There's Always A Murder auditions

Monday June 1 and Tuesday June 2. Sign ups will go up sometime next week.

This will also serve as an audition into Advanced Theater for people who've not taken Intro, including incoming freshmen.

More info will be on the call board and at Hedrick and McLoughlin after May 18.


lil' sis of Cogsworth said...

Pleased to say i will most definitely be there Doty.

Little Warren said...

Just for information sake, I saw no memos at Hedrick... whoever you gave it to seems to have lost it! Ah well. Those who are really planning to audition just have to listen to the Morning Show :)

Little Warren said...

Just realized, the information was on the Morning Show. Disregard my last comment, now I feel like a silly fool.

lil' sis of Cogsworth said...

lol nice little warren... nice.

Lil' sis of Cogcsworth said...

EEEP, I've auditioned, and now I'm all full of 'Eeeep' cause I'm anxious and excited.

Anonymous said...

pwease? v.v

(if that wasn't obvious)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Danie. PLEASE? Little Warren and i are going to have seizures without it!!

-Little Hendrix

btw, my verification word is Unies. lol