19 April 2009

Short Scenes 5/16 and 5/29

Saturday, May 16 ALL DAY Senior Directors
10am Rehearsals
1pm Lunch break
4:30pm Dinner Break
5:30pm Call
6:30pm House Opens
7pm Curtain

Friday, May 29 Underclasspersons
12n 1st Run Thru
3pm Dress Rehearsal (as senior boards end)
6:30pm House Opens
7pm Curtain


Anonymous said...

So I had to drop theatre so that I'd have enough collective time to get my P.E. credit I need to graduate.

But I still want to be able to perform the mime I want to at Short Scenes, will I still be able to do that?


Anonymous said...

you may want to update the coming soon and previously in 2008/2009 section of the web page.

ConfusedFreshman said...

When can freshmen audition for Advanced Theater?

Anonymous said...

I think that next year we should do Wit. Perhaps have part of the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society, or to a Sparrow.

It would be nice, except for the last scene in which there is some nudity.. but that can be fixed.
Or perhaps, if we cannot do Chicago, I can direct it. Perhaps.


Anonymous said...