07 April 2009

Beauty Rehearsals - Now thru the End [UPDATED 4/20]

Apr 20 - 4p-finish - Clean Ups, Act I
Apr 21 - 4p-finish - Clean Ups, Act II
Apr 22 - Full Run - Dance and Fight call, 4p; Run 5p
Apr 23 - Full Run - Dance and Fight call, 4p; Run 5p
Apr 24 - PROM - Running crew only, 4-5:30p, cue to cue
Apr 25 - Tech Call 10-3; Full Dress 5p call, 7p curtain
Apr 26 - Off
Apr 27 -
Full Dress 5p call, 7p curtain
Apr 28 - Full Dress 5p call, 7p curtain (NMHS Teasers, all day)

Performances: April 29, 30, May 1, 6, 7, 8
Curtain time is 7pm (EXCEPT April 30)
Call time for ALL CAST is 5:00 for Dance and Fights rehearsal,
Then props check and into costume and make up. House will open at 6:30 and all onstage activity must be complete.
FOR APRIL 30, all times push earlier one hour
Dust offs:
Sing Thru - Mon, May 4, right after school;
Run Thru - Tue, May 5, 6pm Fight and Dance, 7pm start run

The final week will look JUST like a performance day, starting with a 7pm curtain on Saturday (meaning a 5pm call). We will try to get thru and get out, but we will run the whole show. Make sure your parents understand those days WILL RUN LONG. We only have three of these rehearsals (Sat, Mon, Tue)

From Weds, April 15, do not expect or ask for time off for anything short of an emergency.


Grant Hendrix said...

Depending on run times for the Mar 30-Apr 1 rehearsals, I may need to steal all Dr. Horrible cast members from BnB. I was hoping to run 3-4 hours rehearsals those days.

Anonymous said...

Lola, emsemble read.

Anonymous said...

Mandee, ensemble

Grant Hendrix said...

My bad.

Grant Hendrix, Cogsworth.

Anonymous said...

Got it.

Kayla, Wonderful and fabulous ensemble dancer :)

and Kelsey, set design

Anonymous said...

john doty what up how you doing

Anonymous said...

I have read and agreed to the terms set forth in the above statement.
Jenny (Belle)

Hi Doty! :)

Corey Dalton (The Beast) said...

Captain's log, stardate 45254.4

I received information today on some sort of theatrical production schedule. I don't know what it means, but it may be some encryted code.

Signing off.

Anonymous said...

Lily, ensemble

Anonymous said...

Sure thing. :) (I do need to talk about April the 13th, but I'll talk about that later.)
~Isabelle (Babette)

Anonymous said...

Also when will we have an itinerary for state?

Anonymous said...

i have read the schedule!!

Shelby ensemble!

Anonymous said...

oh...and i'm leaving for a trip on April 2 and won't be back until April 4. i put that on my conflict card...


Anonymous said...

Gotcha!! :)
Clara - Silly Girl!

Tyler Spano said...

Tyler- Lumiere

Anonymous said...

i gott itttt!! :D
i'm excited!

Amanda Brown- Silly Girl (numbahh 2!!)

Anonymous said...

Ok!! Fun fun fun!!!
Sarah/Mrs. Potts

Anonymous said...

I'm deciding to leave another comment, because i love love love this. i'm so excited. hehe :)
oh, and i won't be able to do the building days this weekend..gots planss!
Amanda Brown- Silly Girl (numbahh 2!)

Lola said...

So what exactly will be the point of the parent meeting tomorrow?

families are forever said...

hi, i have broken my right arm and will not be attending BB parent meeting on tues, sorry, can help with any calling though. danette

lola said...

What time should we be there for the paintinz tomorrow tridotytops?

John said...

Paintinz startz at teh For OClocks an goez an goez an goez. Also too will be paintinz maybeh befor liek at teh lunch an blok For.


Typing like that makes my head hurts

Anonymous said...

reading that made my head hurts

I blame you tridotytops.

Badododo said...

Hey there Doty. mah mover wants to know if teh WHOLE family can come help with the paintinz of teh sets. cuz we haz mad paintinz skillz. =D

Anonymous said...

lola's daddy has buildin' skillz.
you wants him to come tomorrow?

John said...

All Bilderz an Painterz is wellcome!!

Anonymous said...

i cant wait to start working with the pit orcestra,

-nate (emsemble & young prince)