16 February 2009

The Company of Beauty and the Beast, Spring 2009, NMHS

Director -- John Doty
Musical Director -- Julie Weller
Choreography -- Gabriella Mahon, Liisa Ivary, et al.
Conductor -- Steve Kessler
Scenic Design -- Kelsey Garrett
Costumes -- Corry Louie
Lights -- Ron Nichols

Congratulations are in order for the following performers. This represents a selection of 29, a bit more than half of the audition pool. As you can imagine, this process has cost me some hair. At least one earlier version exists with almost none of the same actors in the same roles (only the Napkins have never changed).

Narrator -- Grant Hendrix
Enchantress -- Kayla Garrett
Young Prince -- Nate Davidson

The Village
BELLE -- Jenny Warren
GASTON -- Skyler Blue
LEFOU -- Dylan Gutridge
MAURICE -- Christopher Garrett
MONSIEUR D'ARQUE -- Maria Hammel
SILLY GIRL -- Clara Dunn
SILLY GIRL -- Amanda Brown
SILLY GIRL -- Kilee Rhiensburg

The Castle
BABETTE -- Isabelle Schuler
BEAST -- Corey Dalton
CHIP -- Jordan Wright
COGSWORTH -- Grant Hendrix
LUMIERE -- Tyler Spano
MRS. POTTS -- Sarah Schwarz
Featured NAPKIN -- Kayla Garrett
Featured NAPKIN -- Anya Boehning
Featured NAPKIN -- Anneliese Boehning

(speaking parts will be assigned during first weeks of rehearsal)
Ensemble -- Shelby Collinsworth
Ensemble -- Nate Davidson
Ensemble -- Bri Gowland
Ensemble -- Lily Lee
Ensemble -- Mandee Light
Ensemble -- Gabriella Mahon
Ensemble -- Sa’Rina Roth
Ensemble -- Rachel Sinner
Ensemble -- Jacob Schatz
Ensemble -- TJ Todd
Ensemble -- Katy Young

Members of the Company are reminded that academic eligibility is an important part of this commitment. You must be enrolled in at least five classes, have a GPA of 2.0+ and be passing ALL (even more than 5) current classes for the present semester to avoid difficulties. Several members of the Company have concerns with non passing grades on the previous report card, and so are already on activities probation. When the early April grading period ends, a second consecutive term of non passing scores would require us to remove you from the production.

in light of this...
members of the Company (other than Belle, Beast & Gaston) will be asked to be familiar with at least one featured role, in case any emergencies arise.

12 February 2009

CASTING INFORMATION FOR Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

Cast List will post ON LINE in two locations on Monday evening:
Black Tornado Theater website (yer already lookin' at it):

Cast List will post on the Call Board on Tuesday Morning by 8:30am

If you are offered a role, you will have until Friday to accept. Please make sure you will NOT have conflicts before accepting.
• Music rehearsals will begin immediately during lunch and after school.
• Choreography rehearsals will begin by March 2 after school.
• Principal Staging will begin March 9, after school.
Once we return from spring break, rehearsals will run 3 hours a day, with start times of either 4pm or 6pm depending on day of week and conflict schedules of cast members. An extended Saturday rehearsal will happen April 25 (weekend prior to opening).

CAST & CREW must attend every rehearsal beginning the full week prior to opening (April 20).
PRODUCTION DATES: April 29, 30, May 1 & May 6, 7, 8
Cast are expected to help with building days on Apr 11 and Apr 18, as well.

Participation Fees will be due at the Activities Office BEFORE YOU CAN REHEARSE. You MUST see Mr. Burrelle if you need to make alternate arrangements.
(payment plans and some assistance available)