31 January 2009

MP3s for Beauty and the Beast

Mrs. Weller recorded accompaniment tracks with and without the vocal lines for the B&B audition songs. When you actually audition, you many sing a capella or accompanied. When you actually audition, you may be asked to sing as different characters.

Belle w/ Vocal
Gaston w/ Vocal

30 January 2009

DHSB Casting! [UPDATED w/ mp3 links]

Congratulations to the cast of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog!

Billy / Dr. Horrible – Tyler Spano
Captain Hammer – Dylan Gutridge
Penny/Bad Horse Chorus (F) – Katie “Lola” Young
Moist – Shelby Mock
Bad Horse Chorus (M1) – Grant Hendrix
Bad Horse Chorus (M2)/Male Newscaster – Dillon Kline
Female Newscaster – Sarah Schwarz
Male Groupie – Jordan Buttolph
Female Groupie 1 – Jordan Wright
Female Groupie 2 – Gabby Mahon

Director – Grant Hendrix
Stage Manager – Rachel “Satan” Sinner

Cast members are committing to traveling to the Oregon State Thespian Conference April 2nd-4th at South Eugene High School. All Thespians making the trip to Eugene might appear in other non-speaking roles, including (but not limited to) the Van Driver, Laundromat patrons, The Pink Pummeler, The Purple Pimp, and membership of the Evil League of Evil.

One additional performance will be scheduled in the Little Theater during June.

LINKS to various sound files for learning purposes: Here and Here -- you may have to dig a bit on the second one. Each has MOST of the music, though one is missing one song, the other is missing a different one, and neither has Everyone's a Hero or Everything You Ever (yet)

06 January 2009


Signup sheets posted on the call board. We gotta know you plan to do this THIS WEEK.

Costs: $10 per person per event, with a $2 discount for Thespians per person per event.
Hotel costs will likely come in around $15 per person, 4 to a room, but depending on where we are, it could go to $20.

You'll need money for FOOD for two dinners, plus Saturday lunch.

We'll be leaving after school on Friday Feb 6 and going to Salem. The event is at McKay HS and our return will likely put us in around 11pm on Saturday, Feb 7.