31 December 2009

New Year Well Wishes and Audition Info :)

It's 2010 (or at least it is where I went to college), and so I am taking a moment to extend best wishes to all of us Black Tornado Theater folks, both those still a part and those for whom we are but fond memory :).

I also am caving to the pressure of a pushy froshperson and putting up some info about South Pacific Auditions.

What you will NEED:
  • prepared music with taped or live accompanist. The song can be of your choosing BUT it should demonstrate your abilities in a theatrical context, not simply be a stand n belt. Please look for music that was written for the theatrical stage, rather than a pop hit.
  • prepared monologue of at least 1.5 minutes duration.
Initial audition will include performances of both prepared pieces, as well as possibly taking some additonal direction and reperforming either or both again.

There MAY be a call back for particular characters, if warranted

There will be a separate group audition to look at dance. A short piece (96 counts, give or take, I would expect) will be taught, then performed several times.

The dates are not set, yet, but expect them to be within a week of Feb 1, which (if you're paying close attention) also puts them either just before or immediately after Regionals.

20 December 2009

Work Parties [updated]

We have two dressing rooms to clean, we have a fly gallery to empty and arbor to rebalance, and generally a lot of cleaning to do before 2010. We also need to redistribute the items in need of storage for the upcoming Winter Arts Festival.

I will be in the building for TWO sessions:
Monday 12/21, from 11:00am to about 1 or 2pm
Monday 12/28, from 2:30 to 5:30pm

If you need production support hours, these would be good times!!

[update] ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
So far, all the people who are trying to get to this thing are in no need of any PS hours. If you don't need them, don't sweat it. I am not expecting you to show up for 3 PS hours when you need 20 for the year and have 84. Meanwhile, if you don't have any...

16 December 2009

Curious Savage Cast (plans have changed a bit)

Make sure that you read your script once over the break, twice if possible, and make a list of every prop that your character interacts with.
(Tell Everyone in the cast to read this, or just spread the word on what i've instructed you to do.)
Here is the schedule for the first week back from school.

Tuesday 01/05/10- Read through 4-6
Wednesday 01/06/10- Character Development 4-6
Thursday 01/07/10- Character Development+cast bonding(There is going to be a lot of this so that "the guests" operate as a family because that needs to be evident as soon as the curtain opens) 4-6
There Will be No rehearsal on friday.

14 December 2009

Orsino is all shook up about Olivia.

Toby Belch got into a fight with the wrong twin.

20 November 2009

12th Night

Sun 12/6 RUN, 4pm to 7pm
Mon 12/7 DRESS 5pm Call, 7pm Curtain
Tue 12/8 FINAL DRESS 5pm Call, 7pm Curtain (NO Teasers)
Wed 12/9 AM Strike, 4pm Line Thru (Little Theater)
Thu 12/1o 4pm Line Thru (Little Theater)
Fri 12/11 OPEN 5pm Call, 7pm Curtain MEAL
Sat 12/12 SHOW 5pm Call, 7pm Curtain MEAL
Sun 12/13 OFF
Mon 12/14 (no school) DRESS, 5pm, 7pm
Tue 12/15 SHOW 5pm, 7pm MEAL
Wed 12/16 SHOW 5pm, 7pm MEAL
Thu 12/17 SHOW 5pm, 7pm
Fri 12/18 Assembly Holiday Short Scene - I hope someone is considering a script...

19 November 2009

Homework Pending for Theater Classes

Script Markups
Verse/Prose, Stress, Syllables, etc... Motivation, Conflict, Status, and changes in each...

Intro should have already completed pgs 23-25 (Olivia & Viola). NEXT UP, pgs 34-37 from Malvolio's exit to the end of the scene.

Advanced needs to have completed mark up of Comedy of Errors, Act I, scene ii by the end of the weekend. NEXT UP, Act III, scene i.

Intro - Olivias and Violas from p 23-25 for MONDAY
Advanced - Antipholus & Dromio (both of Syracuse), p32-35 (from entrance to exit of Dromio)

09 November 2009


Can I get a few extra hands who need production support today between 11 and 1? Hah... also, rehearsal will be in an alternate space - a district retirement plan meeting has impacted us.

01 November 2009

12th Night

Mon 11/2 LUNCH Orsino Scenes from Act I; 4:15 Act I, Main Stage - two hours
Tue 11/3 LUNCH Orsino Scenes from Act II; 4:15 Act II, Main Stage - two hours
Wed 11/4 LUNCH Orsino Scenes from Act III; 4:15 Act III, Main Stage
Thu 11/5 LUNCH Orsino Scenes from Acts IV & V; 4:15 Acts IV & V, Main Stage
Fri 11/6 OSF Visit, After School rehearsals TBA (over by 5:30)
Sat 11/7 Build Day, 10a to 4pm

Sun 11/8 OFF
Mon 11/9 NO SCHOOL - Rehearse (all cast) 3p to 6p
Tue 11/10 4:15 Acts I - II, Main Stage - two hours
Wed 11/11 NO SCHOOL - Building 10a to 2p, Rehearse (all cast) 3p to 6p
Thu 11/12 4:15 Acts III-V, Main Stage
Fri 11/13 TBA
Sat 11/14 Build Day, 10a to 4pm - Also assisting with Kindly Leave thoughout
Sun 11/15 OFF

24 October 2009

Writing Prompts, by popular demand

For Advanced - write about Jurors #3 & #8 plus #5 or #9 plus whichever juror you actually 'played'.

What are their goals / objectives? Who are their allies? Are those allies aligned with them on the question itself or process? In the case of jurors other than #3 7 #8, when and why do they shift on either the question or process.

For extra Credit in lieu of 1 Production support hour: Expand this same set of prompts to apply to the entire jury, with finished product approximately 1 paragraph per juror.

Fantasticks prompt: Address what changes were needed and actually took place between the initial performances and the second round. Use examples from the groups you were in and at least one additional group.

21 October 2009

Twelfth Night - Rehearsals, Weeks 1 & 2

W 10/21 - 4:15p - Viola(s), Sebastian (FA4)
R 10/22 - 4:15p - Maria, Toby, Andrew; 5:15p - Malvolio, Fabian, Feste (FA3)
F 10/23 - 5:15p - Antonio, Sebastian; CHANGE 6:15p - Viola, Olivia, Orsino (FA3)
Sa 10/24 - Off
Su 10/25 - Off
M 10/26 - 4:15p Act I line work, multiple spaces
T 10/27 - 4:15p Act II line work, multiple spaces
W 10/28 - 4:15p Act III line work, multiple spaces
R 10/29 - 4:15p Act IV line work, multiple spaces
F 10/30 - 4:15p Act V line work, multiple spaces
Sa 10/31 -
Su 11/01 -

Additionally: Off Book Deadline is pushed to 11/09 from 11/02, much to the relief of all concerned, I expect...
Additionally, also: 4:15 is the START WORKING time, not the begin to arrive time. Please keep that in mind, too. Srysly.

20 October 2009


Note this NOW.

Because of the tight schedule of our final week, the All Day Tech rehearsal will take place on
MONDAY, November 30 beginning at 10am, running until 3pm, breaking til 5pm, then resuming until 9:30pm.

This is a CUT DAY on the tail end of Thanksgiving Break. Please try to get back into town in time to join us. I know we have one conflict with out of state air travel. I hope to minimize how many people we are missing.

18 October 2009

Cast - Twelfth Night, winter 2009

The official posting will be the hard copy in the lobby of the LT, and that cast list is the one you must initial to accept the role. Scripts will be available immediately Monday AM, though they will not have complete line cuts until late next week. We still may be adding additional cast, specifically musicians, so put the word out to your musical friends. If you play an instrument or sing, expect to have those skills utilized.
Viola......Isabelle Schuler*
...Jordan Wright**
...Dylan Gutridge
Olivia......Kelsey Garrett
Sebastian......Blake Muir
...Liberty Parnell
Sir Toby...
...Jared Gutridge
Sir Andrew...
...Chris Boutin
Malvolio......James Lancaster
Feste......Sa'Rina Roth
Fabiana......Sandra Schaefer
Antonio......Dillon Kline
including Officers, Retainers,
Musicians, Lords, Sailors,
and other Attendants
(including Curio, Valentine, Captain,
1st and 2nd Officers, Priest, etc...)
Joe Gallagher
Carsen Hendrix
Celia Johnson
Tabitha Lambert
Willie Sloan
Suzann Stevens

*Dec 11 & 12, **Dec 15, 16, 17

Read Thru Monday 10/19, 4:15 pm. Regular Rehearsals begin immediately (schedule will be posted on Call Board in LT). Rehearsals will generally be from 4:15 to 6pm. Anticipate some rehearsal work on Saturdays. This Wednesday (10/21) will be off while I have my First Aid training. Anticipate character-related 'homework' in lieu of Wednesday rehearsal.

ALL CONFLICTS must be communicated two weeks in advance.

Understudies may promote if there are problems with SCHEDULING or OFF BOOK

PRODUCTION DATES Dec 11, 12, 15, 16, 17 - all shows at 7pm


10 October 2009

Auditions, Twelfth Night

YES, they really are on Monday, when there is no school... And then again on Tues, possibly running late to accommodate whoever needs to go on Tues cuz they couldn't get to Monday.

People who do NOT come in with a selection that demonstrates ability (or lack of it) with Shakespeare's language or verse will likely be asked to cold read something by the Bard.

Keep Friday from 4 to 6 open for callbacks and then get to the Black n Blue game!

05 October 2009

The TV Shows We Like...

was a doozy tonight. Still have DVRed House MD to watch tomorrow night.
For the rest of the evening, we still have our Joss Whedon alum, Nathan Fillion in Castle and Adam Chimeo's pop culture reference from Comic vs Fiction, Dancing with the Stars.

Still to come this week, former Whedon affiliates on How I Met Your Mother, and of course his current project, Dollhouse, not only has Buffy and Angel almuni, but also has more Battlestar refugees coming online over the next weeks.

Why do we care about TV? It's the best place to see actors working with enough regularity to get a sense of where they're at, craftwise. Particularly if they are on shows with solid writing and have characters with depth and nuance

24 September 2009

Kindly Leave the Stage (KLtS) Casting

The Casting information for Kindly Leave the Stage will post tomorrow AM in the LT lobby. For the CRAZIES out there, Dylan will have posting rights on the blog later tonight and might put it up here... It may also possibly appear on a social networking site, as well, but I don't know about those...

06 September 2009

TAaM - remainder of run [UPDATED 9/20]

Mon 09/07- 6:30 to 8:30
Tue 09/08 thru Fri 09/11 - 4 to 6
Sat 09/12 12n to 3p, break, 5pm to finished
Sun 09/13 off
Mon 09/14 5pm to finished
Tue 09/15 5pm call, 7pm start DRESS
Wed 09/16 5pm call, 7pm start DRESS
Thu 09/17 5pm call, 7pm curtain OPENING NIGHT
Fri 09/18 4pm Speed Thru with UNDERSTUDIES
Sat 09/19 11am call, 1pm curtain; 5pm call, 7pm curtain
Sun 09/20 & Mon 09/21 OFF [UPDATE for Monday: Guys MUST come clean dressing room... I am suggesting from 2 until 3pm. I will entertain other suggestions, but it MUST be done on Monday]
Tue 09/22 4pm Speed Thru
Wed 09/23 5pm call, 7pm start DRESS
Thu 09/24 5pm call, 7pm curtain
Fri 09/25 5pm call, 7pm curtain
Sat 09/26 5pm call, 7pm curtain

04 September 2009

Slow Migration to the official NMHS Page is underway. You will note the Black Tornado Theater link now on the front page. So far, it just includes current season and a link to production history. I will work to put up some external links (ISF, OCPA,Crate, OCT, OTS, ITS) and and RSS Feed of THIS site's post headlines.

29 August 2009

TAaM Week of Aug 31 [Updated]

We are in the LT starting Monday at 4pm
Full company is called at 4pm each day this week, with stage prep and building taking place after at 6:30 each night.

[update] THEATER ACCESS - will likely be from the Band Room/ Ceramics hallway, but MAY be via the Auditorium Lobby, as the campus is supposedly 'open' as of Monday AM. Signage should be obvious and apparent in any case

26 August 2009

TAaM -sickos :)

Several cast are sick - several more are out of town, so the combo isn't good for today. Tomorrow will happen and we'll figure out what we are doing when we all get there - meantime, take at least 90 minutes today looking over lines and maybe running your pages with a friend or family member on book.

24 August 2009

New ROOM!!! Plus classes and Troupe stuff

Just kidding. We are in the same room as last year, it just has a different number now :) The old FA1 has been split into TWO classrooms, so they are now numbered FA1 and FA2, which means Choir/Orchestra (old FA2) is now FA3, Band is FA4, Ceramics FA5, Art FA6, Little Theater FA7, the 'new space' which will be partially ours and partially for music is FA8 and I presume the room above Band and Choir is now either FA9 or someone had an attack of logic and realized it was a second floor space and perhaps designated it FA 20 something. Anywho...

Also WE NEED STUDENTS. Low registration numbers for Advanced meant that dropped back down to one class section now (with like 35 (19 3rd 4th yr, 14 2nd yr, I think) students). Stagecraft is now block 2 (so not a place to dump freshmen in need of an elective) and as of now has 7 students. It might actually be productive.

One intro class has 15 - I'd like it to 20 or 22. I'd also like one or two 3rd/4th yr students in each Intro block as Academic Tutor / Peer Coaches. I'd like an Aide in Advanced.

I strongly encourage 3rd or 4th years who are thinking seriously about doing this beyond NMHS to consider Stagecraft. Additionally, if you plan to direct as a senior project (ever, not just this year), I am going to consider making a semester of stagecraft a requirement (eventually) OR having been an academic tutor / peer coach in an intro class OR maybe both... This year, I am simply strongly encouraging that :).

Competitions: This year the Thespian events will likely have a bit more of a price tag. We've been carrying some of the costs from the Drama ASB account and it is getting low :(. Our new Treasurer will be in charge of consolidating receipts and making sure our entry paperwork is in order and calculated correctly. She won't be handling money directly. I expect we won't be able to fully comp state entries this year, for example (that hit us for nearly $1000 last year).

One last note: The Thespian Troupe has bylaw/guideline thingies that require at least a minimal level of participation to maintain as an 'active' troupe member, which in turn is a qualification for being an officer. Minimal participation includes being in a class OR working on shows. Working on shows includes ANY of the jobs associated with a show that will earn a Thespian Point. If you are taking a class, you don't need to work on EVERY show. If you aren't, you technically do, even if it just means you usher to the tune of a full point (10 hours, roughly 4 performances worth). So, troupe members and officers, please make sure you have 'jobs' for each production this year, or get signed up in one of my classes, even as an aide.

22 August 2009

Something to take a quick look at

Season Shirt?

I've done a different version with black sleeves... also an all black crew shirt with black graphics (as an inside joke, kinda)

21 August 2009

TAaM - Week of Aug 24

These sessions are in H2 (Peugh's)

Aug 24, 10am Act I complete (understudy as Dru)
Aug 25, 10am Act II complete (understudies as Dru and Henrietta)
Aug 26, 10am Act III complete (understudy as Dru)
Aug 27, 10am Act III plus pickups from I
Aug 28, 10am Act III plus pickups from II <-- Yes, Friday

All sessions will run until 1pm

All cast and staff please attend all sessions. Staff will be running line work from other scenes, understudy work, etc in alternate spaces throughout the time. The schedule reflects what will be happening in the main space with me.

No scripts in hand, plz :)

15 August 2009

TAaM - Possible Schedule Adjustment

Hey all. I may be traveling to a Thursday funeral in upstate New York. I am looking into arrangements and may have to leave as early as Wednesday AM. Obviously we can't go w/o rehearsing during the time in question, but if we can get VIM or staff adult to supervise, Jordan W can run the scheduled scenes and the extra cast DON'T have to come and run lines in sep space... I will know more by midday tomorrow.

13 August 2009

TAaM - Week of Aug 17

Aug 17, 10am Act I, scene ii; 11:30am Act II
Aug 18, 10am Act I, scene ii; 11:30am Act II
Aug 19, 10am Fights (Steve, Kim, Kay); 11am Act III
Aug 20, 10am Act I, scene i; 11:30am Act III

All sessions will run until 1pm

All cast and staff please attend all sessions. Staff will be running line work from other scenes, understudy work, etc in alternate spaces throughout the time. The schedule reflects what will be happening in the main space with me.

I hope to arrange ONE DAY during this week where they will allow us an escort to the LT and we can clear the stage so it is EMPTY ready for Aug 31 building. As I learn more, I will post.

PLEASE MAKE SURE BRANDEN HAS YOUR PHONE NUMBERS, and that you have him, Jordan W and myself in your phones. Calls or Text Messaging are perfectly fine for getting in touch about schedule issues and days you will not be there.

See ya!

06 August 2009

OSF Specials for this week!

Local Web Specials at OSF:

Save 50%* on selected shows, plus no handling fee!

This week:

Equivocation - Sunday, Aug. 9, 8:30 p.m. - This show is excellent, but would carry an R rating if it were a motion picture for language and brief nudity
Paradise Lost - Sunday, Aug. 9, 2:00 p.m.
Don Quixote - Sunday, Aug. 9, 8:30 p.m.

* Discounts apply to full-price Adult tickets. This special offer is based on availability and may expire at any time. Specials are not applicable to previously purchased tickets and apply only to online orders. No refunds or exchanges.

Thoughts on "Twelfth Night"?

So with the A Christmas Carol thing being ugh, the next thought to come to mind was this: Christmas Carol was kind of taking the place of a Shakespeare this year, as another "established work from the English literary canon"

If we dump it, we could replace it either with another Christmas-y piece (like Reckless, which some of you may remember from State last year), or with a Shakespeare (to keep our streak unbroken).

Twelfth Night might be the 'logical' choice, given everything else...

05 August 2009

TAaM - Week of Aug 10

Aug 10, 10am Act I, scene ii; 11:30am Act II
Aug 11, 10am Act I, scene ii; 11:30am Act II
Aug 12, 10am Fight (Steve, Kim, Kay); 11am Act III
Aug 13, 10am Act I, scene i; 11:30am Act III

All sessions will run until 1pm

Staff expected at ALL
Understudies Expected anytime the principal is called
Blocking is primary undertaking here, but there will be some other work.

See ya!

02 August 2009


Come to the H Building at the extreme SOUTH end, nearest the Child care center... it's the ONLY way into the school. We'll be in one of the rooms not being used for an office (Warren or Isaacs, most likely). I will find out from the Admins when I get there, actually.

Don't panic :)

27 July 2009

TAaM - Rehearsals - ONE WEEK from TODAY [3x UPDATE - safety+where?]

With the temps being ugly high by midday, I am inclined to rehearse from 10am to noon or 1pm, depending on what is slated for the day. Please comment if that would NOT work for you. I also need conflicts in comment or email for future scheduling (like when you're off camping) Otherwise, plan on the following:

M0 8/3 - 10am Dru & Kim - table; 11am Rosie, Steve, Kay - table; 12n Cops - table; END 1pm
Tu 8/4 - 10am Kim & Steve - fight; 11am Biddle, Merrygold, Henrietta - table; END 12n
We 8/5 - 10am Dru & Kay - table; 11am FULL CAST 'bonding'; END 1pm
Th 8/6 - 10am Kim & Steve - fight; 11am Kim & Dru scenes alone (I.ii mostly); END 12n
Fr 8/7 - OFF - Doty in SF
Sa 8/8 - OFF - Doty in SF
Su 8/9 - Materials purchase (Set) - early evening. Unload crew available?

[UPDATE #3] Per Mr. Beick, this first week will shift to the H Building Rm TBA (Anyone know an H Building teacher friendly to the theater? *cough*) and all parking must be near the CDC and TA spaces on the south end of campus. Since it is table work, for the most part, it will be fine... If we end up in that same space the SECOND week, we will have to adjust some for blocking.

[Update] All activity at the Little Theater unless otherwise noted.

SM, AD, & Understudies should attend calls for characters, too, please.

[Update #2] I will be on campus on Tues and Weds of this week to get the stage space ready to work. I expect to be in the building again from 10am to 1pm. Feel free to drop by, but be mindful of the construction dangers.

21 July 2009

Is this Thespis? [Updated]


I think it may be... contacting the poster today.

[Update] Turns out the answer is "no" - the facial markings are very different. Which makes the above cat still missing since November and that makes me sad.

16 July 2009

Happy Anniversary, Dr. Horrible

Doctor Horrible's Sing-along Blog launched a year ago (July 15) and this morning, they got an Emmy nomination!!

creator Joss Whedon reacts:


11 July 2009


[UPDATE] Seems no matter how we slice it, we are gonna lose someone. SO. That being the case, we will read at 5pm on Thursday and wrap before 7:30pm. I'll see you all at Katy's (post directions, plz, Lola)

Well, the 3pm time is gonna take out both Jordan B. and Rachel S.

10am is OK for Rachel, and 5pm is out

5pm is OK for Jordan, and 10am is out <--THIS IS WHAT WE ARE GOING WITH!!!

So if Jordan (schedule) and Lola (hosting) are OK for 10am, that seems like the only time we can get everyone. If Jordan cannot do 10am, then (and this isn't personal Satan), Jordan is more pages than Henrietta and I'll say we do 5pm, though that gets us tight to my softball game and I will absolutely have to be out by 7:30.

10 July 2009

Christmas Carol Quandry

So apparently, a Robert Zemeckis-directed Jim Carrey vehicle is releasing on Nov 6, with Gary Oldman, Colin Firth, Robin Wright Penn, Cary Elwes...


3d IMAX animated MAJOR marketing push, etc...

So.. Do we still do it?

03 July 2009

Read Thru Options [UPDATED - 7/6]

We have some schedule conflicts with the 13th, so I will ask about the 15th and the 16th.

Please comment :)

UPDATE noted in comments - 16th: 10am, 3pm, or 5pm -- Pick your favorite :)

02 July 2009

Script Distribution

Lola picked up for herself and Jordan B.
Shelby picked up for herself and James.
I am taking Rachel W and Carsten's to softball tonight.

that is 6 of 12. Chime in folks :)

22 June 2009

The Saga of the Scripts [UPDATE 6/30] + Read Thru

So, they shipped out from LA on Jun 3, via USPS Priority Mail. Allegedly, they arrived at North before we left... BUT they aren't anywhere to be found.

Now the USPS stopped delivering for a couple of days as the A Building was shut down. Nothing has arrived since they resumed, so the presumption is the scripts arrived and were packed away with the A Building stuff... and so might be found as school starts.

So I have ordered a second set, and because of my travel plans, I have had them shipped to Mr. Warren's. They should arrive next week. Rachel, being the good cast member she is, will post here in comments when they arrive.
(Warren's when the second set of scripts arrive, just let me know and hold on to them)

THE SCRIPTS ARE HERE. They were sent to the District Office. Thanks USPS. Mr Beick found them there today. YAY MR. BEICK!!

If you want one, contact me via Text, Comment, or Phone. I will be at Soccer tonight from 7:45 and at Softball on Thu from 5:15. Otherwise, I'll be home and am able to deliver within reason. Cast members who see each other regularly should coordinate getting all the copies to one of you, for example.

The 12 copies need to go to the 10 cast and two understudies. The Production team script is currently in Jordan W's possession and that is the text we will use to make the Front of House and Backstage production/prompt books from, as well as the director text. Information on line cuts will be made by middle of July (so you needn't worry about learning some lines, perhaps).

READ THRU update!! How do people feel about July 13 (Monday) at ... 7pm? ... at ... some place with AC and comfy chairs? (ie: who would like to host?)

15 June 2009

No skryps yet, srysly

Hoep evrywun iz havin gud summertimez

Also, lolcatitis is really bad. A cure has been dispatched and will infect all your keyboards. That and I will smite you all. There will be no cheezburgers and I will take away all your bukits.

And no noms for anyone. Ever.

Moving on.

04 June 2009

Cast - There's Always a Murder

accept roles either by initialing the posted copy on the call board or commenting here

Cast (in order of Appearance)
Steve Haywood......Jared Gutridge
Rosalind (Rosie)......Sa'Rina Roth
Drucilla (Dru) Taylor......Shelby Collinsworth
Kim Taylor......Dylan Gutridge
Mrs. Biddle (understudy Kay)...
...Katy Young
Katherine (Kay) Horton......Rachel Warren
Mrs. Merrygold (understudy Rosie)......Sandra Schaefer
Henrietta (understudy Dru)......Rachel Sinner
Det. Mulligan (understudy Steve)......James Lancaster
Inspector O'Reilly (understudy Kim)......Jordan Buttolph
Understudy (Older Women)/Crew......Carsen Hendrix
Understudy (Policemen)/Crew......Jacob Parker

Read Thru TBA, Early July. Regular Rehearsals begin MONDAY, AUG 3
Schedules will post on website (www.johndoty.us/nmdrama) two weeks in advance
ALL CONFLICTS must be communicated prior July 13.

Understudies may promote if there are problems with SCHEDULING or OFF BOOK

PRODUCTION DATES Sep 17 e, 19 m & e, 25 e, 26 e
Sep 19 Matinee MAY use understudies

Watch the website for announcements about script availability (likely before the end of NEXT WEEK)



Staff - There's Always a Murder [UPDATED]

The 2009 Summer Workshop show, Ken Parker's There's Always a Murder, is looking for a publicity coordinator, costume coordinator, and a set dresser. If you are interested, please comment in this post.

Staff already in place:
Director (and likely set and lights): John Doty
Stage Manager: Branden Todd
Asst Director: Jordan Wright
Props Coordinator: Isabelle Schuler

Two backstage running crew jobs will be filled by the understudies and ensemble players when they are distant from their own on-stage time.

Casting will post tonight very close to midnight as soon as I get home from Softball (just around 10pm).

[Further Update] The talent pool to role ratios were 2:1 for guys and 3:1 for girls, so there some talented people NOT on the cast list. If you are interested in feedback relative to your audition, let me know. I am preparing Regional style score sheets that will give you an idea of where your effort was strong and where it may need improvement. They should be ready by the middle of next week, if you are interested.

On a semi related note, the auditions ALSO were a screen to bypass Intro to Theater, if one so chose. Jared Gutridge, Rachel Warren, and Carsen Hendrix may, if they wish, enroll in Advanced without taking Intro first. They needn't however, and I would encourage the freshmen to give Intro a chance. My hope is that the schedulers will show us some mercy and not put uninterested people into Intro this year. If that isn't the case... well, you have earned an escape path by virtue of the preparation demonstrated on Monday & Tuesday.

11 May 2009

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

Attn. DHSAB Cast/Crew-

Unfortunately, performing this thing again means rehearsing it again as well. Here are the calls. If you can't make it, let me know now-ish.

Tues. 5/12 - 4:30pm-6pm - Tyler, Lola, Dylan, Shelby
Wed. 5/13 - 4:30pm-6pm - Tyler, Lola, Dylan, Shelby 
Thurs. 5/14 - 4:30pm-6pm - ALL CAST
Fri. 5/15 - 4:30-Finish - ALL CAST


There's Always A Murder auditions

Monday June 1 and Tuesday June 2. Sign ups will go up sometime next week.

This will also serve as an audition into Advanced Theater for people who've not taken Intro, including incoming freshmen.

More info will be on the call board and at Hedrick and McLoughlin after May 18.

19 April 2009

Short Scenes 5/16 and 5/29

Saturday, May 16 ALL DAY Senior Directors
10am Rehearsals
1pm Lunch break
4:30pm Dinner Break
5:30pm Call
6:30pm House Opens
7pm Curtain

Friday, May 29 Underclasspersons
12n 1st Run Thru
3pm Dress Rehearsal (as senior boards end)
6:30pm House Opens
7pm Curtain

07 April 2009

Beauty Rehearsals - Now thru the End [UPDATED 4/20]

Apr 20 - 4p-finish - Clean Ups, Act I
Apr 21 - 4p-finish - Clean Ups, Act II
Apr 22 - Full Run - Dance and Fight call, 4p; Run 5p
Apr 23 - Full Run - Dance and Fight call, 4p; Run 5p
Apr 24 - PROM - Running crew only, 4-5:30p, cue to cue
Apr 25 - Tech Call 10-3; Full Dress 5p call, 7p curtain
Apr 26 - Off
Apr 27 -
Full Dress 5p call, 7p curtain
Apr 28 - Full Dress 5p call, 7p curtain (NMHS Teasers, all day)

Performances: April 29, 30, May 1, 6, 7, 8
Curtain time is 7pm (EXCEPT April 30)
Call time for ALL CAST is 5:00 for Dance and Fights rehearsal,
Then props check and into costume and make up. House will open at 6:30 and all onstage activity must be complete.
FOR APRIL 30, all times push earlier one hour
Dust offs:
Sing Thru - Mon, May 4, right after school;
Run Thru - Tue, May 5, 6pm Fight and Dance, 7pm start run

The final week will look JUST like a performance day, starting with a 7pm curtain on Saturday (meaning a 5pm call). We will try to get thru and get out, but we will run the whole show. Make sure your parents understand those days WILL RUN LONG. We only have three of these rehearsals (Sat, Mon, Tue)

From Weds, April 15, do not expect or ask for time off for anything short of an emergency.

24 March 2009

Dr. Horrible [UPDATED by DOTY]

Dr Horrible will perform twice more during the Short Scenes nights.. .dust off rehearsals and production schedule will post when known. [Updated 4/5]

20 March 2009

Bowmer Letters

Get them done ASAP! We really want to get passes quickly.. I have 20 of 34 letters in as of Friday.


People who are planning to go to state, there will be paperwork going home on MONDAY that includes all the info and permission stuff... There are forms that WE need, but also ones the Thespians need. We will meet on Monday at Lunch to go over all of it.

Mr. Burrelle has some limited assistance monies. Please speak to him on Monday if you will need anything.

06 March 2009

Rehearsal Schedule Week of March 16-20 REVISED



Little Theater
Gaston, LeFou
Character Meet
Little Theater
Lumiere, Cogsworth, Potts
Character Meet

7th Block

Beast & Belle
Choir Room
Beast & Belle
Begin of Act 2

no 7th

Choir Room
Lum, Potts, Cogs, Chip
“Something There” and “Human”
Choir Room
Potts, Lumiere, Belle,
Babs, Cogs, Ward
(4pmto 5pm)
Little Theater
Full Company
Meet (30 mins)
Belle & Beast
Character Meet
Company “Be Our Guest"
Choir Room
Company Females "BOG"
Lumiere & Belle “Be Our Guest”
Choir Room
Company "BOG"


Napkins “Be Our Guest”

16 February 2009

The Company of Beauty and the Beast, Spring 2009, NMHS

Director -- John Doty
Musical Director -- Julie Weller
Choreography -- Gabriella Mahon, Liisa Ivary, et al.
Conductor -- Steve Kessler
Scenic Design -- Kelsey Garrett
Costumes -- Corry Louie
Lights -- Ron Nichols

Congratulations are in order for the following performers. This represents a selection of 29, a bit more than half of the audition pool. As you can imagine, this process has cost me some hair. At least one earlier version exists with almost none of the same actors in the same roles (only the Napkins have never changed).

Narrator -- Grant Hendrix
Enchantress -- Kayla Garrett
Young Prince -- Nate Davidson

The Village
BELLE -- Jenny Warren
GASTON -- Skyler Blue
LEFOU -- Dylan Gutridge
MAURICE -- Christopher Garrett
MONSIEUR D'ARQUE -- Maria Hammel
SILLY GIRL -- Clara Dunn
SILLY GIRL -- Amanda Brown
SILLY GIRL -- Kilee Rhiensburg

The Castle
BABETTE -- Isabelle Schuler
BEAST -- Corey Dalton
CHIP -- Jordan Wright
COGSWORTH -- Grant Hendrix
LUMIERE -- Tyler Spano
MRS. POTTS -- Sarah Schwarz
Featured NAPKIN -- Kayla Garrett
Featured NAPKIN -- Anya Boehning
Featured NAPKIN -- Anneliese Boehning

(speaking parts will be assigned during first weeks of rehearsal)
Ensemble -- Shelby Collinsworth
Ensemble -- Nate Davidson
Ensemble -- Bri Gowland
Ensemble -- Lily Lee
Ensemble -- Mandee Light
Ensemble -- Gabriella Mahon
Ensemble -- Sa’Rina Roth
Ensemble -- Rachel Sinner
Ensemble -- Jacob Schatz
Ensemble -- TJ Todd
Ensemble -- Katy Young

Members of the Company are reminded that academic eligibility is an important part of this commitment. You must be enrolled in at least five classes, have a GPA of 2.0+ and be passing ALL (even more than 5) current classes for the present semester to avoid difficulties. Several members of the Company have concerns with non passing grades on the previous report card, and so are already on activities probation. When the early April grading period ends, a second consecutive term of non passing scores would require us to remove you from the production.

in light of this...
members of the Company (other than Belle, Beast & Gaston) will be asked to be familiar with at least one featured role, in case any emergencies arise.

12 February 2009

CASTING INFORMATION FOR Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

Cast List will post ON LINE in two locations on Monday evening:
Black Tornado Theater website (yer already lookin' at it):

Cast List will post on the Call Board on Tuesday Morning by 8:30am

If you are offered a role, you will have until Friday to accept. Please make sure you will NOT have conflicts before accepting.
• Music rehearsals will begin immediately during lunch and after school.
• Choreography rehearsals will begin by March 2 after school.
• Principal Staging will begin March 9, after school.
Once we return from spring break, rehearsals will run 3 hours a day, with start times of either 4pm or 6pm depending on day of week and conflict schedules of cast members. An extended Saturday rehearsal will happen April 25 (weekend prior to opening).

CAST & CREW must attend every rehearsal beginning the full week prior to opening (April 20).
PRODUCTION DATES: April 29, 30, May 1 & May 6, 7, 8
Cast are expected to help with building days on Apr 11 and Apr 18, as well.

Participation Fees will be due at the Activities Office BEFORE YOU CAN REHEARSE. You MUST see Mr. Burrelle if you need to make alternate arrangements.
(payment plans and some assistance available)

31 January 2009

MP3s for Beauty and the Beast

Mrs. Weller recorded accompaniment tracks with and without the vocal lines for the B&B audition songs. When you actually audition, you many sing a capella or accompanied. When you actually audition, you may be asked to sing as different characters.

Belle w/ Vocal
Gaston w/ Vocal

30 January 2009

DHSB Casting! [UPDATED w/ mp3 links]

Congratulations to the cast of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog!

Billy / Dr. Horrible – Tyler Spano
Captain Hammer – Dylan Gutridge
Penny/Bad Horse Chorus (F) – Katie “Lola” Young
Moist – Shelby Mock
Bad Horse Chorus (M1) – Grant Hendrix
Bad Horse Chorus (M2)/Male Newscaster – Dillon Kline
Female Newscaster – Sarah Schwarz
Male Groupie – Jordan Buttolph
Female Groupie 1 – Jordan Wright
Female Groupie 2 – Gabby Mahon

Director – Grant Hendrix
Stage Manager – Rachel “Satan” Sinner

Cast members are committing to traveling to the Oregon State Thespian Conference April 2nd-4th at South Eugene High School. All Thespians making the trip to Eugene might appear in other non-speaking roles, including (but not limited to) the Van Driver, Laundromat patrons, The Pink Pummeler, The Purple Pimp, and membership of the Evil League of Evil.

One additional performance will be scheduled in the Little Theater during June.

LINKS to various sound files for learning purposes: Here and Here -- you may have to dig a bit on the second one. Each has MOST of the music, though one is missing one song, the other is missing a different one, and neither has Everyone's a Hero or Everything You Ever (yet)

06 January 2009


Signup sheets posted on the call board. We gotta know you plan to do this THIS WEEK.

Costs: $10 per person per event, with a $2 discount for Thespians per person per event.
Hotel costs will likely come in around $15 per person, 4 to a room, but depending on where we are, it could go to $20.

You'll need money for FOOD for two dinners, plus Saturday lunch.

We'll be leaving after school on Friday Feb 6 and going to Salem. The event is at McKay HS and our return will likely put us in around 11pm on Saturday, Feb 7.