03 December 2008

Murders and Marigolds Casting

Jacob and Jenny have posting rights on this site for the duration of their productions. Their first posts (I expect within the next 48 hours) will be cast lists for ...Murders... and ...Marigolds... Keep an eye here :).


Jacob Schatz said...

I would like to comment that by calling them Murders and Marigolds, it makes my show seem serious and Jenny's seem like a comedy.

which I find hilarious, and I will continue to use.

Jenny said...

i like it.
very nice.

Jenny said...

So ummmm.
Here's my weather request for tomorrow:

Date: Thursday, December 18, 2008

Conditions: 10 inches of beautiful, wonderful snow (or just regular snow if its a struggle)

Results: Snow-day on the 18th, and Friday the 19th

Please please please Weather-King!