25 December 2008

I'd be remiss...

... if I didn't post news about Battlestar Galactica - so Grant and Kayla can make sure nothing has been missed and so Jacob and Chase can taunt me...

"Face of the Enemy" is the third set of Webisodes used to bridge seasons for BSG -- the first set dealt with the occupation of New Caprica, the second gave us backstory to Viper Pilot Bill "Husker" Adama, during the First Cylon War ... this one tells a story of six people alone in a Raptor ... and given Jacob's upcoming show, the fact that they start dying one after the next (electrocution, morphine OD, etc...), it seems very apropos.

Unlike prior Webisodes, this one has a principal cast member throughout (Grace Park plays two Eights). "Resistance" did use Galen and Cally Tyrol as well as Saul Tigh, and Tigh is in this, too.. along with Racetrack, Hoshi, and Felix Gaeta. The Razor flashbacks to young Bill Adama used largely unknowns, even familiar characters were played by different actors because of the time shift.

Filming took place during the breakdown of the BSG series sets as shooting wrapped on the Miniseries "The Plan" -- people interested in filmmaking can watch the 'enhanced' versions, which feature commentary by webisode co-writer and BSG co-exec producer Jane Epsenson. Production logistics, working around cast and set demands with a concurrent production, and the complications of shooting when two characters are being played by the same performer...

And of course, this is in-part to prep the Twelve Angry Juror cast for filming in the coming weeks. It's a somewhat different mind set working for the camera rather than on stage. And just because we are used to long-form storytelling on film (22 minute or 47 minutes for typical TV shows, around 2 hours for today's motion pictures), we'll be working for about 2 minutes, the webisodes run 3...

Hope the break is treating everyone well... I am dealing with a throat thing. Ugh. Hope it's better in time for my basketball tourney on the 29th.. come support the hoops team!

04 December 2008

directed by Jacob Schatz
Production Dates: Feb 26-28
by arrangement with Dramatists Play Service

Helsa Wenzel ... Katy Young
Elsa von Grossenknueten... Kelsey Garrett
Marjorie Baverstock... Gabby Mahon
Nikki Crandall ... Sarah Schwarz
Bernice Roth ... Rachel Sinner
Michael Kelly ... Grant Hendrix
Eddie McCuen ... Tyler Spano
Patrick O'Reilly - Jordan Buttolph
Ken de la Maize ... Chris Boutin
Roger Hopewell ... Dylan Gutridge
directed by Jenny Warren
Production Dates: Mar 12-14
by arrangement with Dramatists Play Service

Beatrice ... Sa'Rina Roth
Tillie ... Liberty Parnell
Ruth ... Sandra Schaefer
Nanny ... Brianna Gowland
Janice ... Gabby Mahon

03 December 2008

Murders and Marigolds Casting

Jacob and Jenny have posting rights on this site for the duration of their productions. Their first posts (I expect within the next 48 hours) will be cast lists for ...Murders... and ...Marigolds... Keep an eye here :).

Bowmer Dates

Our Bowmer dates are set (in case you wanna tell your employers NOW):
Mar 4 - MUSIC MAN - leave NMHS 1:00pm, return approx 6:15pm Show & Post Show Discuss
Mar 17 - MACBETH - leave NMHS 10:00am, return approx 5:15pm Back Stage Tour, Show, & Post Show Discuss