30 November 2008

SUPER Busy in the lead up to vacation

  • We have Auditions this week for the Student-produced plays.
  • We have a concert in the auditorium on Saturday (means serious cleaning/organizing/floor painting)
  • We have the SOPTV Talent Showcase (90 second multi-camera filmed scene from Twelve Angry Jurors), filming Dec 18 - blocks 2-4 (inc lunch) - this will require a casting session, too (SOON). This will be in the LT and will require a quick set rebuild under very tight time constraints
  • We have Winter Assembly short scene to prep, performing Dec 19 - need to select a text and cast it
  • We have production support of Renaissance Dinner all this week leading into next.


Anonymous said...

As if the next few weeks won't be crAaAaAzy enough!

Anonymous said...

ok well tell me what i can do i will do it. Doty!