30 November 2008

SUPER Busy in the lead up to vacation

  • We have Auditions this week for the Student-produced plays.
  • We have a concert in the auditorium on Saturday (means serious cleaning/organizing/floor painting)
  • We have the SOPTV Talent Showcase (90 second multi-camera filmed scene from Twelve Angry Jurors), filming Dec 18 - blocks 2-4 (inc lunch) - this will require a casting session, too (SOON). This will be in the LT and will require a quick set rebuild under very tight time constraints
  • We have Winter Assembly short scene to prep, performing Dec 19 - need to select a text and cast it
  • We have production support of Renaissance Dinner all this week leading into next.

16 November 2008


is currently living at my home. Per Sandra's request, I am asking about a 'classroom cat.' More later.