13 October 2008

Volunteers - What we need!!

Hi, All!!

There was a parent meeting tonight - not much in the way of attendance, but we do have the following tasks lined up for Philly Story:

Props Wrangler - Mr Spano
Concessions Coordination - Mrs Gutridge
Costume Coordination - Mrs Stone
Publicity Coordination - Mrs Garrett

We will start work days each Saturday, 11am to 3pm. This week, we need to prep the space and catalog materials needed. We MAY buy and unload some, too. Next week, we will try to build out the bulk of the show.

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Thomas Bowman said...

Mr. Doty i have some questions for you about this Saturday (10/18), can you plese call me @ 772-6544 if it's between 8-10 i might not be able to answer the phone.