13 October 2008

Philly Story Schedule

Homework - have all scripts marked (pencil please), answer the "what am I doing?" & "what do I want?" questions for each time you enter the stage.


THIS WEEK (10/27-10/31) - Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri 4pm to 6pm; Tue 6pm to 8pm
MON - Tracy, Dexter, Mike
TUE - Act II (complete, though not in order, neccessarily)
WED - All scenes with George
THU - All scenes w/o Tracy (I know, there are so many)
FRI - Act I (complete, in order)


Anonymous said...

So are we going to be able to highlight our lines with an actual highlighter in the new scripts? And when will we be getting those?


John said...

I expected them today, so.. tomorrow? we hope? and we'll talk hiliters when we get them. Might do something where we hilight scripts that you own? we'll tawk

Anonymous said...

Hello. I would like to request that I not be scheduled to rehearse on Thursday, October 30. That would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
-Tyler Spano

Anonymous said...


Please disregard the previous message. Thanks.
-Tyler Spano

Anonymous said...

A'well-a everybawdeez herd about dah bIrd! BIRD BURD BIRD: BIRD IZ THE WERD

Anonymous said...

So I shall not be here on Friday or Monday,

i know it will be hard but try to get through rehearsals without me...

-Creepy, REALLY old Dude

Anonymous said...


That is most peculiar.

What happened to the Beauty and the Beast post?