23 October 2008

FUTURE rehearsals, Philly Story

There is a Facebook event, Philadelphia Story @ NMHS, which all you with Facebook should A: attend and B: invite people too.

Sun 11/16: OFF
Mon 11/17: DRESS REHEARSAL, 5pm call, 7pm curtain, late end
Tue 11/18: DRESS REHEARSAL, 5pm call, 7pm curtain, late end
Wed 11/19: DRESS REHEARSAL, 5pm call, 7pm curtain, late end
Thu 11/20: OPEN - 5pm Call - Meal provided - 7pm curtain, 9:30 end (hope)
Additional Shows:
Fri Eve (5pm call), Sat Mat (11am call), meal in-between, Sat Eve (5pm call), Mon Eve (5pm call), & Tues Eve (5pm call)


Anonymous said...

Hey Doty,
So good news and bad news. Good news: I made it into the show I auditioned for and Am going to die about half way through the show.:)Bad news: This means I will no longer be able to help with Philly story! Sawwy!

Anonymous said...

Hey Doty,

SO wrestling schedule is kick'n my butt!

practice is from 4-6 which means i can make it to shows and dress rehearsals but what do i do about our run troughs you think we will be at the end of act two by six?

Anonymous said...

p.s. the post be for this it TJ Todd's

Anonymous said...

yo, I'm confused on tomorrow's schedule.
In my case, that is...

obviously, midnight the night before is not the best time to be asking, I just hadn't looked through this properly I guess.

SO, I'm hoping you'll read this at a decent time at some point tomorrow morning, Doty.
Text me and tell me when I should come in, please?
urr mai heero


Anonymous said...

hey doty i cant come in today till like 10-15 or so


Anonymous said...

hey did the schedule change for today? (11/15) cause i showed up at 9:30am or so and no one was there, doors locked.. :/ .. me sad and confused...PLEASE DON"T FIRE ME!!!!!!! lol


Anonymous said...

what's the deal for the cast party since the last show is on a weekday?