04 October 2008

Nicely Done - Cast of Lear!

Clockwise from top left: Gloucester, Lear and Kent (TJ Todd, Dylan Gutridge, and Grant Hendrix) on the heath; Gloucester arrested by Cornwall (TJ Todd and Jordan Buttolph); Lear carries his slain daughter Cordelia (Dylan Gutridge and Kayla Garrett); Cornwall mortally wounded (Jordan Buttolph)
- all photos by Diana Garrett


Dick said...

Hey Doty- I got me some internetz.
I'm likin' the pictures too! xD
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Doty,
Sa'Rina's Mom here...
I have pictures...and some of them are pretty good! If'n you want them, let me know where to email...

Here's my email: erikajo3@yahoo.com


ps ~ if any cast want copies, I'm willing to send them to you. (Kayla, I have a really good one of you dead and all)

Good job to EVERYONE!!!! Can't wait for Philly Story. :-)