23 October 2008

FUTURE rehearsals, Philly Story

There is a Facebook event, Philadelphia Story @ NMHS, which all you with Facebook should A: attend and B: invite people too.

Sun 11/16: OFF
Mon 11/17: DRESS REHEARSAL, 5pm call, 7pm curtain, late end
Tue 11/18: DRESS REHEARSAL, 5pm call, 7pm curtain, late end
Wed 11/19: DRESS REHEARSAL, 5pm call, 7pm curtain, late end
Thu 11/20: OPEN - 5pm Call - Meal provided - 7pm curtain, 9:30 end (hope)
Additional Shows:
Fri Eve (5pm call), Sat Mat (11am call), meal in-between, Sat Eve (5pm call), Mon Eve (5pm call), & Tues Eve (5pm call)

13 October 2008

Philly Story Schedule

Homework - have all scripts marked (pencil please), answer the "what am I doing?" & "what do I want?" questions for each time you enter the stage.


THIS WEEK (10/27-10/31) - Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri 4pm to 6pm; Tue 6pm to 8pm
MON - Tracy, Dexter, Mike
TUE - Act II (complete, though not in order, neccessarily)
WED - All scenes with George
THU - All scenes w/o Tracy (I know, there are so many)
FRI - Act I (complete, in order)

Volunteers - What we need!!

Hi, All!!

There was a parent meeting tonight - not much in the way of attendance, but we do have the following tasks lined up for Philly Story:

Props Wrangler - Mr Spano
Concessions Coordination - Mrs Gutridge
Costume Coordination - Mrs Stone
Publicity Coordination - Mrs Garrett

We will start work days each Saturday, 11am to 3pm. This week, we need to prep the space and catalog materials needed. We MAY buy and unload some, too. Next week, we will try to build out the bulk of the show.

09 October 2008

Casting - The Philadelphia Story

Truth be told, we could have cast this show TWICE with the female talent that auditioned... several very strong female performances were left with nothing to show for it except (and this is important) me recognizing your talent is impressive. The other point (also important) is academic eligibility factored into some of the decisions this go around, with both genders. Size of roles for some were reduced to lessen our exposure should we lose someone to grades late in the run. Some people were not cast at all as a result of these concerns. The final issue on this one is the scary short production calendar - five weeks (a continuing crunch from the Lear delay) is too short for comfort. Some casting choices were made with that in mind, as well.

Tracy Lord......Kayla Garrett
Dinah Lord......Kelsey Garrett
Margaret Lord......Jenny Warren
Alexander (Sandy) Lord......Tyler Spano
William (Uncle Willie) Tracy......Jacob Schatz
Elizabeth (Liz) Embry......Gabby Mahon
Macauley (Mike) Connor......Chase Medeiros
George Kittredge......Grant Hendrix
CK Dexter Haven......Dylan Guttridge
Seth Lord......Willie Sloan
Thomas / Crew / Understudy......Jordan Buttolph
Elsie/ Crew / Understudy......Danielle Mannino
Mac / Crew/ Understudy......TJ Todd
May / Crew / Understudy......Brianna Gowland
Edward / Crew......Dillon Kline

Scripts were ordered on Tuesday and will likely arrive either tomorrow or Monday. Monday's rehearsal (4pm) is a read thru.
Sandra Schaefer is the production stage manager. I will be designing the bulk of the physical set, though set dressing may be someone else's gig. Kelsie Miller will likely be the lead on construction in StageCraft class. Katy Young will be the main wrangler of logistics back stage. Isabelle Schuler will also have some backstage duties (costume coordinator, Belle? Talk to me). The actors who are playing the 'help' (two butlers, two maids, and a night watchman) will be the scene change crew.

04 October 2008

Nicely Done - Cast of Lear!

Clockwise from top left: Gloucester, Lear and Kent (TJ Todd, Dylan Gutridge, and Grant Hendrix) on the heath; Gloucester arrested by Cornwall (TJ Todd and Jordan Buttolph); Lear carries his slain daughter Cordelia (Dylan Gutridge and Kayla Garrett); Cornwall mortally wounded (Jordan Buttolph)
- all photos by Diana Garrett