28 September 2008

Notes - Lear (part 1)


Some general notes first: Lines, Entrances, Focus, Volume, Pace, Clarity :)

We ran 4 hours, including intermission, which isn't bad for the first time we installed pretty much all the scene things for the first time. Still limited additional scenic stuff to add, but not much (hovel, mostly, plus the 'trial' furniture)

If we account for the scene change installs, we ran closer to 2:50. However, the addition of delays while awaiting entrances accounted for over 20 minutes all on its own.

I still believe our ACTUAL running time is very close to 2:30, but we HAVE to merge the energy levels of the speed thrus (which are averaging just UNDER 2 hours) and character and clarity of the longer runs.

Kent - the sword tricks are cut. Just posture; no twirling
Lear & Edgar - Lines in the second half
Lear - find more alternatives to 'angry'
Edgar & Cornwall, & to a lesser extent Regan - posture and carriage - focus constantly on the age and station of your characters and how it isn't the same as your own.
Regan - the importance of Edmund's availability needs to still go higher, both in convo with Oswald and with Edmund.. may even want to see some begging on your knees.
Drunks - still need to have less 'distraction'
Edgar & Edmund - the fight is IMPRESSIVE in it's speed and ferocity. Please stay crisp and remember to run it air sword each day, slow preshow and full speed preshow.
ALL FIGHTS - remember to run daily, before. SAFE
Goneril & Regan - much more... cold... in your dismissing of Lear's concerns
Regan - much better with posture and poise
Servant 1 - WELL DIED!!
Goneril - I love when you kick poppa out. Yer so mean

Everyone - Save your voices

There will be scene order lists posted with CHANGES noted and numbers of people needed to execute.

Look for more notes after I get back from a dinner w/ family.


Anonymous said...


By the 19th C., it had acquired
the nickname "inheritance powder," perhaps because impatient heirs were known or suspected to use it to ensure or accelerate their inheritances. Elizabeth Báthory is also suspected of having used arsenic to poison male lovers so that they could never leave her, probably as a result of her first husband having an affair.

i thought this was interesting!!!

Goneril is EVIL!!

Anonymous said...

ok... I was going to ignore that last comment but that was truly random and made no sense in any way shape or form!

Anonymous said...

yay I died well!!

oh and my mom can come in tomorrow
to you know, sew
and do the things that she do

and just so you know, I'm using your class to sleep in on wednesday since I'm going to an OSF show tuesday.


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IT WAS AN ACCIDENT! I'm just saying we were talking and almost missed our cue.