10 September 2008

Call for Sewing!

Coming up a week from Saturday - Sewing Party to create the bulk of the costumes for this show.

We need 4-6 people who are comfortable with a sewing machine.. and we may need a couple of sewing machines, too (I think the theater has three). MOST of the costumes will be laid out and measured and cut during stagecraft next week. We will want to have an assembly line of sorts - one to do neck facings, one to do neck and sleeve trim, one or two to close side seems, one to hem the sleeves and base of the tunics. A few specialty items are also needed... little round buttonholes on the sideless surcotes, some 3/4 circle hooded cloaks, and possibly some items of fabric that will LOOK like leather armor parts.

If you have the skills or the machine AND have the time, please RSVP in comments that you can make it Saturday 11am to 3pm, 10 days from now.


John said...

4 more actual people who sew (thus far, it is me and Scott Sinner)
4 ironing boards and irons
3 more sewing machines
4 or more other helpers who can trim, iron, pin, unpin, pass items from station to station, etc...

Also on this day, I expect Kelsey will be painting and may wish (her call) some assistants.

Anonymous said...

I may be able to help, we have a sewing machine though it is my mommas baby so it may be off limits but I have some sewing skill and and iron and ironing board, not sure yet but it is of high probability that I will show up with the intention of helping in whatever way I can.

Anonymous said...

Like I told you, it's a "most likely" from me with a sewing machine. I don't know how to use it, but it should help, yes?
I will ask my mom about that and an ironing board/iron when she gets back from l'hôpital tomorrow morning.


Anonymous said...

oh, and there is a build day tomorrow right? at eleven?
Well I sure hope so, because if I show up and there isn't, I'm going to be so pissed.


Anonymous said...

blah blah

my mom and I can sew
I'll ask her if she actually wants to

not sure if I can bring our machine
because it's cool and I would cry if it broke
because someone elses fingers who are not awesome touched it

also my mom would probably commit violent acts of murder
and such

because murder is the first thing she would do...


Anonymous said...

What times do the performances start and end?

Anonymous said...

um so I jsut talked to my sister because she is in charge of all hallows eve this year since my dad will be out of town untl the festivities are underway. And she mentioned a possible waiver that would need to be signed in order to hand over the fog machines. I'm not even joking though she could very well be, at the same time I wouldn't be surprised if she did make you sign something because she is taking this very seriously.

Anonymous said...

also I like to talk a lot.

Anonymous said...

so..........um ya it would be would be great if more of the sceadule would go up....the sooner the better............perferably all the way up to the show nights,
this will help me to show up more.


sorry about all the missed days my life has been a real hell