28 September 2008

Notes - Lear (part 1)


Some general notes first: Lines, Entrances, Focus, Volume, Pace, Clarity :)

We ran 4 hours, including intermission, which isn't bad for the first time we installed pretty much all the scene things for the first time. Still limited additional scenic stuff to add, but not much (hovel, mostly, plus the 'trial' furniture)

If we account for the scene change installs, we ran closer to 2:50. However, the addition of delays while awaiting entrances accounted for over 20 minutes all on its own.

I still believe our ACTUAL running time is very close to 2:30, but we HAVE to merge the energy levels of the speed thrus (which are averaging just UNDER 2 hours) and character and clarity of the longer runs.

Kent - the sword tricks are cut. Just posture; no twirling
Lear & Edgar - Lines in the second half
Lear - find more alternatives to 'angry'
Edgar & Cornwall, & to a lesser extent Regan - posture and carriage - focus constantly on the age and station of your characters and how it isn't the same as your own.
Regan - the importance of Edmund's availability needs to still go higher, both in convo with Oswald and with Edmund.. may even want to see some begging on your knees.
Drunks - still need to have less 'distraction'
Edgar & Edmund - the fight is IMPRESSIVE in it's speed and ferocity. Please stay crisp and remember to run it air sword each day, slow preshow and full speed preshow.
ALL FIGHTS - remember to run daily, before. SAFE
Goneril & Regan - much more... cold... in your dismissing of Lear's concerns
Regan - much better with posture and poise
Servant 1 - WELL DIED!!
Goneril - I love when you kick poppa out. Yer so mean

Everyone - Save your voices

There will be scene order lists posted with CHANGES noted and numbers of people needed to execute.

Look for more notes after I get back from a dinner w/ family.

16 September 2008


A letter has been sent via snailmail to all parents with kids in theater classes or who are troupe members. Diana Garrett is organizing a parent meeting on the 24th at 7pm in the Little Theater! please come!

The mailers were eaten by the district postage machine, so we are having to relabel and remail, forcing a delay into the post-Lear timeframe

15 September 2008

Rehearsals Ongoing [UPDATED - now includes week 4 & Prod week]

THIS WEEK Sep 15-21
Mon - Begin to Intermission 4 - 6:30pm
Tue - Full Cast Intermission to End 4 - 6:30pm
Wed - Full Cast Begin to Intermission 4 - 6pm
Thu - Full Cast Intermission to End 4 - 6pm
Fri - Full Cast Speed Thru 4 - 6pm
SAT - SEWING DAY - 11am - 4pm
NEXT WEEK (all CREW now) Sep 22-28
Mon - Begin to Intermission 4 - 6:30pm
Tue - Intermission to End 4 - 6:30pm
Wed - Run Thru 4 - 7pm
Thu - Run Thru 4 - 7pm
Fri - Speed Thru 4 - 6pm
SAT - Tech 11am - 4pm,
Dinner - 6pm
Run Thru - 7pm til finished (10:00 is likely)

Week of Show (Sep 29 - Oct 4), 5:30 call, 7pm curtain, 10pm RUN finished, with some time needed for notes after. Dinner will be served on Oct 1 @ 5pm

10 September 2008

Call for Sewing!

Coming up a week from Saturday - Sewing Party to create the bulk of the costumes for this show.

We need 4-6 people who are comfortable with a sewing machine.. and we may need a couple of sewing machines, too (I think the theater has three). MOST of the costumes will be laid out and measured and cut during stagecraft next week. We will want to have an assembly line of sorts - one to do neck facings, one to do neck and sleeve trim, one or two to close side seems, one to hem the sleeves and base of the tunics. A few specialty items are also needed... little round buttonholes on the sideless surcotes, some 3/4 circle hooded cloaks, and possibly some items of fabric that will LOOK like leather armor parts.

If you have the skills or the machine AND have the time, please RSVP in comments that you can make it Saturday 11am to 3pm, 10 days from now.

03 September 2008

RENT in Oregon high schools

Two schools in Oregon will be doing RENT this year - this is for our alumi, mostly - go see it!!!

South Eugene High School - Oct 23 through Nov 9
Wilson High School (Portland) - Feb 19 through Mar 1

I am hoping the SEHS production is good enough to warrant a Showcase at this year's State Conference. (though they'd need to apply for a second license... but they scheduled perfectly to do so...)

Eugene is an easy road trip, for folks who REALLY want to go.