22 August 2008

Energy Drinks = BAD

I see a lot of energy drinks in our program. I don't think particularly highly of them. Seems some science backs up my instincts.

The upshot? it messes with your blood. In some yucky bad ways.

So. Be smart about what you're doing, eh? That is all.

Also FRIDAY at the GARRETT'S.. and Dylan, remember the DVD, plz.


Anonymous said...

I HATE THEM TOO! and it looks like I will be going after all, which I'm not thrilled about since it means another day away from my dad.

Dylan said...

Sweet- another reason not to drink them. Blech- sgusting stuff. I had one a few days ago and remembered why I stopped drinking them. =/
ANYWHOOOOOO, like 5:00 o'clock then ma broseph?


Anonymous said...

cool i only have them every once in a while
what is Kayla's address


Anonymous said...

i also need the address,


Anonymous said...

the Garrett's adress is 4703 Torrey Pines dr

lola says: said...

I think I've had a total of one and a half energy drinks in my entire life.
That's excluding coffee, of course.

So we just got back today.
Ten long, wonderfully isolated days in the rainy foregn land of Washington.
Why did we go there again?
Don't ask me. I don't see any reason whatsoever.

"What happened to beach-hopping, Lola?"
Do not ask me that either! I believe I stood on a total of two beaches the entire trip.

One of the only things I enjoyed was seeing Phantom of the Opera last night at the Keller Auditorium.
It was pretty spectacular, and coming from me, that's saying something. I've never been a huge fan of the musical, but this was great.

So anyways, Lola is back, not quite moved out of the motorhome, but quite present here in Medford.

I hope I'll be seeing you all soon!

loooola said...



hahah LDAFDF=lola again said...


lola says: said...

I'm so darn clever.
Alright, I'm done spamming.
T-T-T-That's All Folks.

Anonymous said...

As the resident rockstar enthusiast, all I have to say is, they are so delicious I don't even care. In unrelated new, scientists have linked living to be one of the largest causes of death.

-Robin (lololololololololol)

Anonymous said...


are rehearsals for this week still 5 to 7.30 in the band room?
just wanted to check.