29 July 2008

Two .pdf files of use to the tech types [UPDATED]


[UPDATE] Satan, I have two costuming books for you to borrow... when/where for delivery?


Anonymous said...

so I have been wondering since..
I don't know
but I have been wondering

am I still staff?
or just a lifeless servant
searching for that one chance to prove myself
and then get stabbed numerously by that one chance

Lear is a tragedy
simply because of the rise and, shortly thereafter, fall of 1st Servant

by le way,
I am back in Medford
and still reeling about the fact that I couldn't go to the Heroes panel at Comic-Con

I have a horrible existance

and I'm stopping my rant right now


John said...

SANDRA!! Come to the read thru on Weds and we'll talk about all your wonderful contributions and all the other cool ComicCon stuff you didnt know to check out, so prolly missed (like The Guild and Dr Horrible and Wil Wheaton).

Also, do you do heights? ladders? hrm?

Anonymous said...

Doty, you silly man.
Rachel told me you were "purposely ignoring my emails because you hate me, but you could use my help."
so I'm showing up tomorrow.
that thing you said about heights reminded me, cause Sinner said you wanted to know how I was with them too, so I figured I'd just let you know.

and, as I told her, i'm fine with heights as long as you're not dangling me by my ankles sixty feet up just to get me out of your way.

see you tomorrow.

Dylan said...

So Doty, when and where are rehearsals? :o

Also- click my name.
It's my idea for an entertaining jest at short scenes.

Anonymous said...