09 July 2008

[UPDATED] Read Thru date - PLEASE COMMENT + Coriolanus

This is an availability request concerning WHEN we hold the read thru for this show.

I would like TWO, actually... one with a subset of staff, very soon and one with full cast. The original planned full cast read was Aug 1, but since that is a Friday, I am catching some weekend travel conflicts, SO, I want to know about Weds, July 30. [UPDATE OR Mon, July 28] PLEASE IN COMMENTS include whether you are or are not available on July 30, and if so, a range of time (I am considering late afternoon or early evening, but if everyone wants mid morning, I can certainly adapt).

As you see this, please direct the rest of the cast to it as well. I need this information settled by the beginning of next week (roughly July 15).

Remember also, we have Coriolanus on July 15 at 2pm - I'll be picking up the tickets at about 1:15 and the house opens at 1:30. IF YOU CAN'T GO, I NEED TO KNOW... there are 3 people in the queue for unused tickets.
[UPDATE - The upshot is, I really should see around 20 comments in this thread by the weekend, so I know if I have extra seats for OSF]


sandra said...

hey guess what!
I can't go to Coriolanus


so give my ticket to someone nice?

Anonymous said...

Hey. So far, I'm open at any time on July 30th.
-Tyler Spano

Anonymous said...

Hey do we still need a space for cast read thru? cause im sure it would be fine with my parents if we had it at my house. and can i have sandra's coriolanus ticket?


Anonymous said...

So I have girls camp 29-aug2 and right after that im leaveing for Montana until the 16th so anything durring that time I can not attend everything else is Fine!!


Anonymous said...

The 30th works for me. Personally I'd prefer late afternoon/evening, but anytime is fine.

Looking forward to Coriolanus!

Anonymous said...

The 28th is fine, too. And I just changed a first-aid class to allow me to go to Coriolanus. I'm super psyched.
-Tyler Spano

The Dylan said...

Ok, the 15th is good to go, and the 30th seems like a pretty awesome day for a read through!
I'll comment again if I have any problems.

Aussi: Where are we meeting at at what time for Coriolanus?

And: I'm good as far as scripts go, I was a Dumas and didn't see the download option in your text, so I'm good to go. xD

Anonymous said...

Hi Doty,

Coriolonus both Kels and I can go to, but Chase can't, and I know he probably wont get around to telling you, so I will.

The read thru is a bit more tricky, Kelsey can go whenever, but on Wed the 30th I work from 8-5in ashland, so as long as it's after 5, I can go. (I may be a bit late though). If the read thru is on Monday the 28th I can't go because of Ballet in the Park.


Anonymous said...

I need a ride to corealanous because I know my mom can't afford anymore gass this month... Shelby btw...help

Anonymous said...

i can go to Coriolanus
both suggested read-thru dates are fine

i do have a wednesday conflict though....i'm a weekly nannyish thing and so from 6-9 pm i'm booked...but only wednesdays!

so yes, early afternoon for the 30th would be lovely.
you're welcome!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If any girl has green tights for some reason I could really use them for the batman premier for ivy. And I don't know that stores sell them right now soooo it would be super awesome if someone had any. Also if anyone has a long red wig laying around for some reason I would be happy to take it off your hands for a night, if no one does I understand.

Anonymous said...

Shelby - Call Sami re: Ride

Anonymous said...

on further research it has been proven to me that i actually am a dork. yes. i know, SURPRISE!
so, monday the 28th doesnt actually work for me, because we'll be coming back from a trip and i won't get in until like, 10 or 11 at night...
so i'm sorry you have cast a weirdo as goneril. and yes, i am ashamed of my idiocy. :)
but i'm still just as happy! don't worry.

John said...

jenja you so funny girl!

During your stint at OSF, talk to Kirsten (was Regan in 98), Miriam ( 98 Cordelia) Ray (98 Oswald, 04 Kent) and anyone else you can about Lear.

Anonymous said...

Branden and I have an ortho appointment on the 28th thats at 2:45, however the 30th we have nothing going on.

TJ and Branden !!

Anonymous said...

oh and Branden and I can go to coriolanus

Anonymous said...

so what is the plan for coriolanus? are we all just meeting there at 1:30 ish....?

Dylan said...

I've got the same question as Jenny ^^

Also, is there any specific place we're meeting at?
(That's probably a stupid question, but I'm asking it anyways)


sandra said...

oh mah allah
numba five is alive!!1!eleven!!

dates for read through are great
but you know that time period that jennys gone at osf?
I'll be gone then too,
but leaving two days later
and getting back two days later as well

because the pale ones up north call me with wind of giant cups of caffeine

so yes
I am leaving a long message
because I know you miss me doty

me and my mouth that rambles on so deliciously
oh how the world needs more ramblers

but you know what the world doesn't need?
gross musicals that involve lotteries along the lines of 96,000

as I draw to the close of the obnoxious letter..
remember I am leaving.
and will not bother you for ten days
but I don't bother

I can make the rehearsals

Anonymous said...

Sandra is stupid.

In the Heights is awesome and she isn't.

this is Jacob, so you know.


sandra said...

jacob is really mean
and really gross

why is he gross?
because he obviously must have mass amounts of earwax in his already small head. because of this problem, he thinks In the Heights is good

but I'm alright with the earwax thing
in some cultures its considered provocative....
well I think so at least

Anonymous said...

I won't bother to disgust the many others visiting this page with tall tales of earwax in my ears.

which doesn't exist because I am a very clean person.

in any case, you ever hear about the website forum-goers who declared war on the church of scientology (thanks Grant and Dylan).

well everyone is going to declare war on you because In the Height is awesome.

Amanda knows it
Tyler knows it
Dylan knows it
Jenny knows it
Taylor knows it
I know it.

basically the only person on your side is Branden Todd and Rex.

good teammates I'd say.....



this should be obvious who this is.

sandra said...


mr schatz do you know who you are dealing with?
I have the german blood that is good for, you know, getting skin cancer.. and also building cars with rocket launchers

and what do you have?
french blood that sits around (yes sits in your vessels) complaining about the damn english pig-dogs

I will gather my troops
my troops that listen to good music!
and sing zippidy do dah in apple peddler!

Anonymous said...

It proves that you do not know me when you realize that both of us have German last names...

you are intelligent.

and sarcasm is fun.

lastly, its skippity doo dah, skippity day.


sandra said...

I do realize we have le german last names
thank you
I am intelligent

and you are mean
but its okay
I have a heart to forgive

...my oh my what a beautiful day
to take a drive tooo apple peddler....

Anonymous said...

I am mean

and you've demonstrated plenty of times that you forgive.

anyways, I will not bore people here with stories of this.

instead I will sing!!!!

for once in a lifetime.


and buy a cool sundae!

sandra said...


well this outburst of song has made me drop my dependency on war

Anonymous said...

indeed, lets leave the war for superheroes who visit facebook.

shall we question mark.

s said...

indeed we shall period

Anonymous said...

Y'all are freaks.

-Tyler Spano

Anonymous said...

Tyler you and I are bigger freaks for reading the whole think.

still needs tights btw.

Anonymous said...

I'm going out on a limb and going to say that I think Tyler was merely quoting In the Heights and in the process told the truth which is that we are freaks.

as are you two since you read it all.


Anonymous said...

Yup... pretty much... thanks guys.

-Tyler Spano