22 July 2008

Read Thru and Combat [re UPDATED (again)] - Now with Sprinkles!

the combat news first - there is no combat news. We are waiting on word about a grant that helps pay for it.

read-thru news -no matter WHEN we do it, we lose at least one daughter, it seems, SO... the Full Cast Read will be 2pm July 30. Everyone is expected (though I know there are a handful of conflicts). I'd like to do one additional read-thru on the 28 for staff (mostly to consider things more technical) and for anyone who can't make the 30th.
[UPDATE AGAIN (I should be shot)]
The 28th will be at 2pm (time change to ORIGINAL) at the Garrett's.
The Full Cast read will be on the 30th at 3pm (note time change that SHOULDA BEEN) at the Pollock's.

28th would be (for sure): Sarah (conflict on the 30th) and the Jordan W, Kelsey, Rachel, Gabby quartet that are staff. We have Kayla for 2 1/2 hours (and IF POSSIBLE, I'd Like Dylan to come to both). Obviously, we'd be reading multiple roles :) That read may take a little longer, too, as we will be having brief stops to discuss tech/design/logistical stuff.



Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Doty,

My "Oklahoma" rehearsals have been running 10 - 5:30. Next week's schedule isn't posted yet but if I can make the readings on the 28th or 30th, I'll be there.


John said...

IF you can make the 30th, that's the preferred date. Do you need me to contact the director of those rehearsals to ask if I may take you away for one of those dates? (Is it Andrew Brock?).

I know, though, that Sarah S needs to come to the 28th. Others who should be planning on the 28th are Jordan W, Gabby M, Kelsey G, Rachel S

Anonymous said...


The 28th I can be there (obviously, it's at my house) but I'd have to "leave" (meaning go upstairs) at 4:30 to get ready for Ballet in the Park that night. As for the 30th I work until 5 (in Ashland) so I wouldn't be able to be at the read-thru until close to 5:45 (and who knows, you might actually be done by then....yeah right) Anyways, I'll call either you or Jenny or Chase and see if it would be worth me even showing up that late. Who knows, I might have already died twice or something. So, yeah, there's my schedule.


Anonymous said...

I thought the read through at my house was at 3? well whatever works for everybody else.

Anonymous said...


John said...

GAHHHH... MY mistake... the Garrett Read Thru is at 2 and the Pollock Read thru at 3...GAH...

Dick said...

I see I see, well- I'm pretty positive I can make it to both.
I must confess though that I'm a tad confused, and frustrated with the "versing" though. =/


Anonymous said...

Sooo... i am going to miss the first read thru family vacation. (i missed last years cause of Fantasticks so i was informend by my mother that if i miss this years i am in deep...) So sorry!


Anonymous said...

Mr. Doty, "Oklahoma" reahearsal on the 30th goes to 3:45. You can e-mail the director, John Taylor, at jptaylormusic@gmail.com and ask him if I could leave early. Our rehearsals are in Phoenix. What is the address of the read through? How long do you think it will go? Thanks! Isabelle

John said...

The read will likely take about 3 hours... running time of the show plus a break for an intermission and some chatter afterward. Run is at 2654 Kerrisdale Ridge, near Lone Pine Elem. I've emailed Mr. Taylor.

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming the address above is Sami's, for the reading on theeee.. 30th?
Jordan Bu would like the Garrett's address as well.
The little sod didn't even know about these read thru's until I told him just a bit ago- hahah.

There were other means of getting the address for him, but I supposed I'd just try here first.
Much appreciated.
-the ever helpful Lola. ;P

Anonymous said...

This is Sa'Rina's mother, Erika. She did get hold of you regarding her trip to New York, right?
She won't be back in town until Aug 8th...
Please email me with any messages for her:

I DO know that she has her script...



Anonymous said...

hi miss sa'rina's mom!