05 July 2008

Purty Dancin' in a Park :)

Starting this coming (July 7) Monday (and then every Monday through July), Ballet Rogue (the same dance company that brings us the Nutcracker each year) offers "Ballet in the Park" - a free dance concert at the bandshell in Lithia Park. The local company is joined this year by dancers from Ballet Fantastique (from Eugene). Show starts at 7:30 PM and most seating is on blankets - come early for good sight lines! If you have little siblings (age 5-9) who like to dance, Ballet Rogue also offers a class each performance Monday morning from 9:30 to 10:15 am, and a second class (ages 10 and up) from 10:15 to 11:00) both taught by *ehem* Kayla Gar-somebody. The link above is to an article in the Tempo, which also includes contact telephone numbers for the performances. For info on the classes, you should ask Kayla!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Doty!

Oh, and, the tempo article, yeah, that's a picture of me. :) I'm just saying.

Thanks, again,

John said...

Yeah yeah... Everyone else (cept Chase, who obviously was there) - I encourage you to go see this. It's outdoors, it's about 1 hour (unless you go the 28th, which will be longer with the added Ballet Fantastique material) and it's fun to watch. The after-intermission piece (Elements) is colorful and narrative. Several dancers with NMHS ties are featured and do well. The piece immediately before intermission (Pas de Quatres) (forgive my butchery of the French) is a piece with nearly a century of pedigree.

It was a good time, minus some very chatty 9ish year old girls seated behind me.