10 July 2008

Prepping your scripts!

YOU SHOULD ALL HAVE SCRIPTS!!! If you don't, PLEASE tell me. I'll get you one. You can download them (links in earlier post)

ONCE YOU GET THEM (and I know some of you already do this or some alternate version of it that will work just as well):
  • Highlight your own lines
  • Use post-it tabs to mark YOUR PAGES in one color
  • Use post-it tabs to mark 5 pages either side of your on stage time in a DIFFERENT color
  • Then find and mark NON speaking parts that enter and exit comfortably away from your speaking roles. Some of these may be you, too :)
  • Within your speaking roles, find and mark the "Hard Stops" (period, question marks, exclamation points -- . ? !). Be particularly aware of such stops that come mid-line in a speech that is verse. (why will become important later)
  • Further, look at places where the words themselves imply shifts in thought or behavior and again, make marks (this too will be important later)
  • Make margin notes about props you THINK you might need for a scene EARLY in rehearsal process.
AND CHECK THE IMMEDIATELY EARLIER POST - I need to know about Read Thru Scheduling and Coriolanus availability REAL SOON :)

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