17 July 2008

[UPDATED] Fight Choreography - possible earlier than Aug 1 rehearsals

Hey all. We will have combat training from Christopher Duval (currently at OSF as Roderigo in Othello). He will want 4 hours training time with the actors who have combat, and 10 hours rehearsing the actual fights. Some actors won't need ALL of that.

Actors who HAVE to have this training: Kent, Gloucester, Oswald, Cornwall (still uncast), 1st Servant, Edgar, Edmund, Regan. [UPDATE] These named people need to be OFF BOOK on their fight pages BEFORE we start these sessions.

EVERYONE would benefit from being at the training - covering unarmed and armed combat, even if not a full participant.

I'll know more soon. But it might be in the next week and a half. (if that is a panic "No way can I do it, Doty" moment for any of the named characters above? then let me know soon)

Also, scripts: the .pdf will mean you all have the same page numbers. If you grab the .doc, you can edit in additional cuts, but if you don't have the fonts I have, the pagination may be off.


Anonymous said...

Hello Sir Doty.
The only schedule problems I have so far until school starts are the 22nd of July (I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled. woohoo.) and August 6-11 (I'm in New York. WOOHOO!!!). Sorry if they conflict with anything.
-Tyler Spano

John said...

IF you got to New York, you'd better see SOMEthing :)

Anonymous said...

Haha. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm going to In the Heights (be jealous Jacob! Muahaha!) and I want to see The 39 Steps cuz I wanna see the cast pull off playing a billion parts. My mom's pretty determined to see The Lion King, too. What would you suggest? And what did you mean by "IF" I go?

John said...

heh... yes, get to Lion King.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to be working at a camp from the 25th to the 28th of this month so i really cant do any thing then.


Anonymous said...

I'll be gone from the 23 of this month until the 8 of next. Which I know is very inconvenient.

:that one girl

Anonymous said...

I never do anything ivolving going out of the rouge valley for more than a day so we kow I will never have any conflicts ever. Besides it's not like it matters for me if I did.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to be in Seattle from Aug. 6-18 visiting the conservative side of my family

even though according to my grandmother
"Seattle has gotten very, liberal, I guess is how you would put it."

dear blog I love my family