17 July 2008

Dark Knight

A random sampling tells me that myself and Peter English have tickets to the 12:04. Who all is going and when? I'll probably scooter over sometime around 10pm and bring something to read... or bring Batman Begins and my laptop.

Also for kicks (literally) and giggles: myself and troupe 358 Thespian Andrew Robinson open our summer league soccer season tonight at 7pm at Fichtner Park over in the south end of town. Other notables (connected to either North or Theater) on the squad, NMHS girls' varsity coach Lu Crenshaw, troupe 1777 (Phoenix) members Megan Burr (she was our audition PA for Our Town and Tempest) and Callie Fleeger. I think NMHS player Ashley Chambers is also on our team, but that I haven't actually seen her, yet, and we have one former NMHS boys player (from like 2002ish?).

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Anonymous said...

hopefully u'll kick their butts next time... lol i wish i could have watched it.