18 July 2008

CASTING - Cornwall [FINAL]

[Original] If I have approached you about playing Cornwall - this is the deal. I need a FIRM YES emailed (not posted in comments) by Saturday Morning.[Remainder snipped]

[UPDATE] NOONE emailed...so, I am going with the only one who didn't hesitate to say they'd do it. Not waiting for a script, nor "I'll let you know" but simply "YES"

Opportunities are fickle things. You'd like to have flexibility, and oftentimes those extending offers wish they could be flexible, however, we can't really. In this case, we are working with staggered cast availability and stage combat directed by a guest artist, so no room too spare.

So, I've spoken with three members of the BTT program, and while all three seemed favorably inclined, my "I need to know by" prompting, both at the time of asking and in posting here, got ONE unambiguous, proactive statement affirming "I will do it."

That being the case, the role of Cornwall (and other non speaking work as part of the ensemble) belongs to Jordan Buttolph. Congratulations!

Note please: While we have fun, we also work and have deadlines. We cannot be casual about things that are time sensitive. Having a full cast is such a thing. ALSO having Performance Rights... so... the subject perhaps of my next post.


Anonymous said...

Your next post, I do hope, has nothing to do with me.

I've got in under control.



I will soon have it under control, right now its the deep breath before the plunge sort of thing.

quit your worrying.

-Guess Who

Anonymous said...

doty do we have dates and times for Fight Choreography?

T.J. Todd

Anonymous said...

when's the read thru?
(gone 28th, busy evening of 30th...out of town august 4-eternity....so uh.....yes..)

Anonymous said...

When do rehearsals start? I have my script, now all i need to know is when i need to start showing up at places..

-Jordan Buttolph -cornwall-