29 July 2008

Two .pdf files of use to the tech types [UPDATED]


[UPDATE] Satan, I have two costuming books for you to borrow... when/where for delivery?

22 July 2008

Remember in Wayne's World...

... when Wayne and Garth are playing hockey on the street and the psycho ex-girlfriend rides by on the bicycle? Well, Jenny now has a similar visual, only this one involves a scooter and a teacher. You'll have to ask her.

Read Thru and Combat [re UPDATED (again)] - Now with Sprinkles!

the combat news first - there is no combat news. We are waiting on word about a grant that helps pay for it.

read-thru news -no matter WHEN we do it, we lose at least one daughter, it seems, SO... the Full Cast Read will be 2pm July 30. Everyone is expected (though I know there are a handful of conflicts). I'd like to do one additional read-thru on the 28 for staff (mostly to consider things more technical) and for anyone who can't make the 30th.
[UPDATE AGAIN (I should be shot)]
The 28th will be at 2pm (time change to ORIGINAL) at the Garrett's.
The Full Cast read will be on the 30th at 3pm (note time change that SHOULDA BEEN) at the Pollock's.

28th would be (for sure): Sarah (conflict on the 30th) and the Jordan W, Kelsey, Rachel, Gabby quartet that are staff. We have Kayla for 2 1/2 hours (and IF POSSIBLE, I'd Like Dylan to come to both). Obviously, we'd be reading multiple roles :) That read may take a little longer, too, as we will be having brief stops to discuss tech/design/logistical stuff.


18 July 2008

CASTING - Cornwall [FINAL]

[Original] If I have approached you about playing Cornwall - this is the deal. I need a FIRM YES emailed (not posted in comments) by Saturday Morning.[Remainder snipped]

[UPDATE] NOONE emailed...so, I am going with the only one who didn't hesitate to say they'd do it. Not waiting for a script, nor "I'll let you know" but simply "YES"

Opportunities are fickle things. You'd like to have flexibility, and oftentimes those extending offers wish they could be flexible, however, we can't really. In this case, we are working with staggered cast availability and stage combat directed by a guest artist, so no room too spare.

So, I've spoken with three members of the BTT program, and while all three seemed favorably inclined, my "I need to know by" prompting, both at the time of asking and in posting here, got ONE unambiguous, proactive statement affirming "I will do it."

That being the case, the role of Cornwall (and other non speaking work as part of the ensemble) belongs to Jordan Buttolph. Congratulations!

Note please: While we have fun, we also work and have deadlines. We cannot be casual about things that are time sensitive. Having a full cast is such a thing. ALSO having Performance Rights... so... the subject perhaps of my next post.

17 July 2008

Dark Knight

A random sampling tells me that myself and Peter English have tickets to the 12:04. Who all is going and when? I'll probably scooter over sometime around 10pm and bring something to read... or bring Batman Begins and my laptop.

Also for kicks (literally) and giggles: myself and troupe 358 Thespian Andrew Robinson open our summer league soccer season tonight at 7pm at Fichtner Park over in the south end of town. Other notables (connected to either North or Theater) on the squad, NMHS girls' varsity coach Lu Crenshaw, troupe 1777 (Phoenix) members Megan Burr (she was our audition PA for Our Town and Tempest) and Callie Fleeger. I think NMHS player Ashley Chambers is also on our team, but that I haven't actually seen her, yet, and we have one former NMHS boys player (from like 2002ish?).

[UPDATED] Fight Choreography - possible earlier than Aug 1 rehearsals

Hey all. We will have combat training from Christopher Duval (currently at OSF as Roderigo in Othello). He will want 4 hours training time with the actors who have combat, and 10 hours rehearsing the actual fights. Some actors won't need ALL of that.

Actors who HAVE to have this training: Kent, Gloucester, Oswald, Cornwall (still uncast), 1st Servant, Edgar, Edmund, Regan. [UPDATE] These named people need to be OFF BOOK on their fight pages BEFORE we start these sessions.

EVERYONE would benefit from being at the training - covering unarmed and armed combat, even if not a full participant.

I'll know more soon. But it might be in the next week and a half. (if that is a panic "No way can I do it, Doty" moment for any of the named characters above? then let me know soon)

Also, scripts: the .pdf will mean you all have the same page numbers. If you grab the .doc, you can edit in additional cuts, but if you don't have the fonts I have, the pagination may be off.

14 July 2008

Coriolanus [Updated]

We went, it was fun, but I need space on the page, so...

10 July 2008

Prepping your scripts!

YOU SHOULD ALL HAVE SCRIPTS!!! If you don't, PLEASE tell me. I'll get you one. You can download them (links in earlier post)

ONCE YOU GET THEM (and I know some of you already do this or some alternate version of it that will work just as well):
  • Highlight your own lines
  • Use post-it tabs to mark YOUR PAGES in one color
  • Use post-it tabs to mark 5 pages either side of your on stage time in a DIFFERENT color
  • Then find and mark NON speaking parts that enter and exit comfortably away from your speaking roles. Some of these may be you, too :)
  • Within your speaking roles, find and mark the "Hard Stops" (period, question marks, exclamation points -- . ? !). Be particularly aware of such stops that come mid-line in a speech that is verse. (why will become important later)
  • Further, look at places where the words themselves imply shifts in thought or behavior and again, make marks (this too will be important later)
  • Make margin notes about props you THINK you might need for a scene EARLY in rehearsal process.
AND CHECK THE IMMEDIATELY EARLIER POST - I need to know about Read Thru Scheduling and Coriolanus availability REAL SOON :)

09 July 2008

[UPDATED] Read Thru date - PLEASE COMMENT + Coriolanus

This is an availability request concerning WHEN we hold the read thru for this show.

I would like TWO, actually... one with a subset of staff, very soon and one with full cast. The original planned full cast read was Aug 1, but since that is a Friday, I am catching some weekend travel conflicts, SO, I want to know about Weds, July 30. [UPDATE OR Mon, July 28] PLEASE IN COMMENTS include whether you are or are not available on July 30, and if so, a range of time (I am considering late afternoon or early evening, but if everyone wants mid morning, I can certainly adapt).

As you see this, please direct the rest of the cast to it as well. I need this information settled by the beginning of next week (roughly July 15).

Remember also, we have Coriolanus on July 15 at 2pm - I'll be picking up the tickets at about 1:15 and the house opens at 1:30. IF YOU CAN'T GO, I NEED TO KNOW... there are 3 people in the queue for unused tickets.
[UPDATE - The upshot is, I really should see around 20 comments in this thread by the weekend, so I know if I have extra seats for OSF]

05 July 2008

Purty Dancin' in a Park :)

Starting this coming (July 7) Monday (and then every Monday through July), Ballet Rogue (the same dance company that brings us the Nutcracker each year) offers "Ballet in the Park" - a free dance concert at the bandshell in Lithia Park. The local company is joined this year by dancers from Ballet Fantastique (from Eugene). Show starts at 7:30 PM and most seating is on blankets - come early for good sight lines! If you have little siblings (age 5-9) who like to dance, Ballet Rogue also offers a class each performance Monday morning from 9:30 to 10:15 am, and a second class (ages 10 and up) from 10:15 to 11:00) both taught by *ehem* Kayla Gar-somebody. The link above is to an article in the Tempo, which also includes contact telephone numbers for the performances. For info on the classes, you should ask Kayla!

01 July 2008

Hancock, 7pm

Yeah, they have a midnight show... but they also have SIX earlier shows, so ... um... I'm going to the first one.