12 June 2008

Who's going to The Hulk?

The upcoming Edward Norton picture has a Zak Penn screenplay - Zak was my first director in college. He was a sophomore who KNEW he was majoring in theater and was therefore taking Directing I, I was a sophomore who knew I was majoring in History and was taking a class called Directed Experiences in Acting to fulfill the distribution requirements outside my major. The scene (for performance in class) was from a script called "How I Got That Story" -- by the time I was done with course, I'd declared as a theater major and was in the cast of two shows going into rehearsal as soon as winter break ended - The Tempest and a student-written piece called Open Eyes, scheduled just like Antigone and Rosencrantz were.

Anyway, Zak seems to do OK when writing comic book adaptations (X2, X3, Elektra, and coming soon, The Avengers). Do we make it a opening night shindig? Or will it just be me and Jacob? :P

[UPDATE] So... no response for the midnight show. I am prolly gonna catch a matinee on Fri

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